3 SEP2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector ahmedabad-gujarat
Ref. No : 14027284
8/22/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Abdominal Sponge Size 25Cmx25cmx8 Ply

27 AUG2018
corporations/Associations/Others hyderabad-telangana
Ref. No : 13943840
8/9/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 80.00 Lacs 8000000.00 Sector : Banking And Mutual Funds And Leasings

Supply Of Disposable & Dental Items - “O” Drapes, “U” Drape, 2” Curopore Plaster, 3 Line Gun Label For Steam 750 Labels Per Rollshould Provide Gun At Free Of, Cost, 3 Way Foleys Catheter No 16, 3 Way Foleys Catheter No 18, 3M Nylon Plaster, 3-Way Extension 100Cm, 3-Way Extension 10Cm, 3-Way Extension 200Cm, 3-Way Stop Cock, Abdominal Belt Large, Abdominal Belt Medium, Abdominal Belt Small, Abdominal Belt Xl, Abdominal Belt Xxl, Abdominal Binder L, Abdominal Binder M, Abdominal Binder S, Abdominal Binder Xl, Abdominal Drainage Kits, Abgel Sponge Stain, Adhesive Plaster 10Cm, Adhesive Plaster 5Cm, Alpha Bed, Aluminium/Plastic External Nasal Splints Medium Size, Ambu Bag Adult, Ambu Bag Child 500Ml, Ambu Bag Infant 250Ml, Anaesthesia Anatomical Mask No 0, Anaesthesia Anatomical Mask No 1, Anaesthesia Anatomical Mask No 2, Anaesthesia Anatomical Mask No 3, Anaesthesia Anatomical Mask No 4, Anaesthesia Anatomical Mask No 5, Anaesthesia Anatomical Mask No:00, Ankle Brace, Antimicrobial Five Layered Highly Absorbent, Foam Dressing With Activated, Carbon And Sliver Content 1.2Mg/Cm2, Active Release For 168Hrs7 Days With, Self Adherent Borders. With Polyurethane Backing Film With Safetac, Technology. Usage- Upto 7 Days. Size: 10 X 20 Cm, Arm Pouch, Arterial Swich Cannuala, Autoclave Label Chemical-Steam & Eto, B.P Apparatus Digital, B.P Apparatus Manual, Baby Wrist Bands, Bactisafechlorhexidine Dressing Gauze, Bain Circuit Child, Bain Circuitc Adult, Bakri Ballon Catheter, Band Aid Round, Band Aid Square, Bed Pans, Below Knee Stocking, Biofill Ag For Dressing, Bi-Pap Mask, Bipolar Cable, Bipolar Cautery Probe With Suction, Blood Sets, Bougie, Breast Pumps, B-Type Cylinder Oxygen Flowmeter Humidifier Bottles With Regulators, Buffet Caps, Centraline Paediatric 3F, Centraline Paediatric 4.5F, Centraline Paediatric 4F, Centraline Paediatric 5F, Centraline Paediatric 7F, Cervical Collar Large, Cervical Collar Medium, Cervical Collar Small, Cervical Collar Xl, Cervical Collar Xxl, Cervical Traction Kit, Chittle Forceps Jar, Clave Connector Octyous, Cling Rolls, Clip Removal, Closed Sterile Suction Catheter, Closed Sterile Suction Unit, Collagen Sheet, Colostomy Bag With Base Plate All, Combined Epidural Kits, Comprezen Stocking Above Knee Large, Comprezen Stocking Above Knee Medium, Comprezen Stocking Above Knee Small, Comprezen Stocking Above Knee Xl, Comprezen Stocking Above Knee Xxl, Comprezen Stocking Below Knee Large, Comprezen Stocking Below Knee Medium, Comprezen Stocking Below Knee Small, Comprezen Stocking Below Knee Xl, Comprezen Stocking Below Knee Xxl, Condom Catheter, Continuous Infusion Elastomeric Pump, Corrugated Drainage Sheets, Cotton Wool Absorbent 500Gms, Cozy Sheet, Cpap Mask Adult, Cpap Mask For Neonatal Babies, Cpap Mask Paediatric, Cpap Nasal Mask Large Adult, Cpap Nasal Mask Small, Cpap Tubing Adult, Cpap Tubing Small, Crape Bandage 4”, Crape Bandage 6”, Cuffed Fenestreted Tracheostomy Tube, Curapore Plaster 2, Developer, Diapers Adult, Diapers For New Born Less Than 2.7Kg, Digital Thermometer, Disposabale Eto Plain Sheet Disposablde Mops 17X75cm 12Ply Disposablde Mops 17X75cm 8Ply Disposablde Mops 20X20cm 8Ply Disposablde Mops 25X25cm 8Ply Disposablde Mops 30X30cm 12Ply Disposablde Mops 30X30cm 8Ply Disposablde Mops20x20cm 12Ply Disposablde Mops25x25cm 12Ply Disposable Ventilator Circuit With Plain Adult Disposable Ventilator Circuit With Plain Paedtiatric Disposable Absorbable Sheet 1X1m Disposable Aprons Disposable Bipap Face Mask Compatible With Pb840 Ventilator & Philips Bipap Mask, Disposable Caps, Disposable Delivery Kits, Disposable Eto Plain Sheets, Disposable Face Masks, Disposable Lsco Kits, Disposable Neddle 241/2, Disposable Neddle 26 1/2, Disposable Neddle 26 1 1/2,, Disposable Needles No:22, Disposable Needles No:23, Disposable Needles No:24, Disposable Needles No:26, Disposable O.T Kits, Disposable Shoe Cover, Disposable Sterile Plastic Drapes, Disposable Suction Cannula Set, Disposable Surgical Pencils, Disposable Syringe Without Needle 5Ml, Disposable Syringes 100Cc, Disposable Syringes 10Cc, Disposable Syringes 1Cc, Disposable Syringes 20Cc, Disposable Syringes 2Cc, Disposable Syringes 50Cc, Disposable Syringes 5Cc, Disposable Ventilator Tube With Water Trap, Disposable Ventilator Tubing Pediatric, Doctors Stethoscope Adult, Doctors Stethoscope Pediatric, Double Lumen Et 35, Double Lumen Et 39, Double Lumen Tube Lt 35, Double Lumen Tube Lt 37, Double Lumen Tube Rt 35, Double Lumen Tube Rt 37, Dressing Bins Large, Dressing Bins Medium, Dressing Bins Small, Dry Veiw Films 10X12, Dry Veiw Films 17X14, Dry Veiw Films 8X10, Dual Port Intravenus Catheter, Durapore 1/2”, Durapore 1”, Durapore 2”, Dvt Stockings Below Knee Large, Dvt Stockings Below Knee Medium, Dvt Stockings Below Knee Xtra Large, Dvt Stockings Thigh Length Large, Dvt Stockings Thigh Length Medium, E.C.G Electrodes Adult, E.C.G Electrodes Paediatric, E.T Tubes Cuffed No:4, E.T Tubes Cuffed No:4.5, E.T Tubes Cuffed No:5, E.T Tubes Cuffed No:5.5, E.T Tubes Cuffed No:6 E.T Tubes Cuffed No:6.5 E.T Tubes Cuffed No:7 E.T Tubes Cuffed No:7.5 E.T Tubes Cuffed No:8 E.T Tubes Cuffed No:8.5 E.T Tubes Cuffed No:9 E.T Tubes Uncuffed No:1 E.T Tubes Uncuffed No:2 E.T Tubes Uncuffed No:2.5 E.T Tubes Uncuffed No:3 E.T Tubes Uncuffed No:3.5 E.T Tubes Uncuffed No:4 E.T Tubes Uncuffed No:4.5 E.T Tubes Uncuffed No:5 Ear Buds Earth Pads Ecg Bpl 9108 Rolls Ecg Jelly Ecg Machine Books Z Fold Ecg Rolls 8108R Elastic Adhesive Bandage 10Cm X 4/6Mtr Elastic Adhesive Bandage 8Cm X 4/6Mtr Elbow Length Glove Endotracheal Tube With Subglottic Port Epidural Elastomeric Infusion Pump Epidural Kit Needle Catheter, Lor Syringes Epidural Needle 16G Epidural Needle 18 Epidural Needle 20G Epidural Skin Fixator Epistaxis Ballon Catheter Rhinostat Et Stillet Examination Gloves Eye Drapes Five Layered Highly Absorbent Foam Dressing With Self Adherent Borders, With Soft Silicone Adhesive Technology. Size 12.5 Cm X 12.5 Cmantimicrobial Five Layered Highly Absorbent Foam Dressing With Activated Carbon And Sliver Content 1.2Mg/Cm2, Active Release For 168Hrs7 Days With Self Adherent Borders. With Polyurethane Backing Film With Safetac Technology. Usage- Upto 7 Days. Flexometallic Tubes Fluroscein Strips Folleys Catheter 2-Way 10Fr Folleys Catheter 2-Way 12 Fr Folleys Catheter 2-Way 14 Fr Folleys Catheter 2-Way 16 Fr Folleys Catheter 2-Way 18Fr Folleys Catheter 8-12Fr Fulleers Tracheostomy Tubes 28 Fulleers Tracheostomy Tubes 30 Fulleers Tracheostomy Tubes 32 Guedel Airways No 1 Guedel Airways No 2 Guedel Airways No 3 Guedel Airways No 4 H.M.E Filters Handloom Cotton Gauze 100Cm X 18Mtr Hemmaroidal Stappler Hiv Disposable Delivery Kit Hiv Disposable Lscs Kit Hiv Lenin Kit Hiv Lenin Protection Kit Each Kit @ 1. Surgeon Gowns Non Absorble 03 2. Abdominal Towels 01 3. Patient Drapes 02 4. Instrument Trolley Drape 02 5. Surgeon Cap 03 6. Face Mask 03 7. Goggles 03 8. Surgical Gloves 03 Pair, Holister Restore Dressing Hudsons Nasal Prongs -0 Size Hudsons Nasal Prongs -1 Size Hudsons Nasal Prongs -2 Size Hudsons Nasal Prongs -3 Size Hudsons Nasal Prongs -4 Size Hyper Extension Brace Anterior Spinal Hyper Extension Brace I.V Cannula 16G, I.V Cannula 18G I.V Cannula 20G I.V Cannula 22G I.V Cannula 24G I.V Cannula 26G I.V Dosiflow I.V Micro Drip Sets I.V Sets Icd Chest Tubes With Bag Incise Drape Large Incise Drape Medium Incise Drape Small Infant Feeding Tubes No:10 Infant Feeding Tubes No:12 Infant Feeding Tubes No:5 Infant Feeding Tubes No:6 Infant Feeding Tubes No:7 Infant Feeding Tubes No:8 Infant Mucus Extractor Infanto Meter Insulin Syringes 100 U Insulin Syringes 40 U Interceed Ioban Large Adhesive Incision Drapes Ioban Large Adhesive Incision Drapes Ioban Medium Adhesive Incision Drapes Ioban Mediumadhesive Incision Drapes Iui Catheter Set Jacksons Silver Tracheostomy Tubes No:28 Jacksons Silver Tracheostomy Tubes No:30 Jacksons Silver Tracheostomy Tubes No:32 Karman Cannulae 10 Karman Cannulae 11 Karman Cannulae 12 Karman Cannulae 6 Karman Cannulae 7 Karman Cannulae 8 Karman Cannulae 9 Kenpore 7.5Cm Knee Cap L Knee Cap M Knee Cap S Knee Cap Xl Knee Cap Xxl Knee Immobilizer Long Length Knee Immobilizer L.S Belt Large L.S Belt Medium L.S Belt Small L.S Belt Xl L.S Belt Xxl Laryngeal Mask Airways No:1 Laryngeal Mask Airways No:1.5 Laryngeal Mask Airways No:2 Laryngeal Mask Airways No:2.5 Laryngeal Mask Airways No:3 Laryngeal Mask Airways No:4 Laryngeal Mask Airways No:5 Laryngoscopes Adult Laryngoscopes Childmiller Leaderflex Leder Arterial Catheter, Leg Traction Kit, Leggings Knee Length, Leur Cocking Syringes 2Cc, Liga Clips Large, Liga Clips Medium, Liga Clips Small, Lscs Kits Disposable, Mackintosh Sheet Rubber Sheet In Mts, Mackintosh Laryngoscope Adult, Mackintosh Laryngoscope Pediatric Medicated Surgical Dressing 8”X3”, Medicated Surgical Dressing 6”, Medicated Surgical Dressing 6”, 8”X3”, Mefix Plaster /Fixator, Merocel Nasal Pack 08Cm, Merocel Nasal Pack 10Cm, Metallic Stylets No:15Cm, Metallic Stylets No:30Cm, Metallic Stylets No:45Cm, Microlaryngeal Mask, Microlaryngeal Surgery Tubes Mls Tubes 5, Microlaryngeal Surgery Tubes Mls Tubes 6, Microlaryngeal Surgery Tubes Mls Tubes 7, Microlaryngeal Surgery Tubes Mls Tubes 8, Miller’S Laryngoscope Adult, Miller’S Laryngoscope Pediatric, Monopolar Cable With Handle, Mucus Suckers Medium, Mucus Suckers Small, N95 Mask, Nasal Prongs Adult, Nasal Prongs Neonatal, Nasal Prongs Pediatric, Nasopharyngeal Airways No:5, Nasopharyngeal Airways No:6, Nasopharyngeal Airways No:7, Nasopharyngeal Airways No:8, Nasopharyngeal Airways No:9, Nebulization Mask Adult, Nebulization Mask Child, Nebulizer Adult, Nebulizer Pediatric, Neonatal Icd Trochar, Adaptor, Connector All Sizes, Neonatal Underwater Seal For Icd, Nutriline, Operating Microscope Bulbs, Oxygen Flowmeter Humidifier Bottles, Oxygen Hood, Oxygen Hood Connector Fibre Disposable, Oxygen Hood Connector Metal, Oxygen Mask Adult, Oxygen Mask Child, P.M.O Lines 200Cm, P.M.O Lines100 Cm, Pap Smear Disposable Kit, Paper Gloves, Paper Plaster 1/2”, Paper Plaster 1”, Paper Plaster 2”, Paper Plaster 3”, Peadiatric Underwater Seal For Icd, Pedia Drip Sets, Pediatric Icd Trochar, Adaptor, Connector All Sizes, Penguin Mucus Sucker, Perasafe, Percutaneous Suprapubic Cystostomy Spc, Percutaneous Tracheostomy Kit, Pigtail Catheter 16Fr, Pigtail Catheter 18Fr, Plaster Of Paris 4”, Plaster Of Paris 6”, Portex Tracheostomy Tubes Size 7, Portex Tracheostomy Tubes Size 7.5, Portex Tracheostomy Tubes Size 8 Pre Heparinized Syringe For Abg Q-Syte Rae Tubes 3.5 Rae Tubes 4 Rae Tubes 4.5 Rae Tubes 5 Rae Tubes 6 Rae Tubes 7 Rae Tubes All Sizes North Pole Rae Tubes All Sizes South Pole Red Rubber Catheter Reinforced Endotracheal Tube No:6 Reinforced Endotracheal Tube No:7 Reinforced Endotracheal Tube No:8 Reusable Aprons Roller Bandage 10Cm Roller Bandage 6Cm Rom Knee Brace Assorted Sizes Romovac Set No: 10 Romovac Set No: 8 Romovac Set No:12 Romovac Set No:14 Romovac Set No:16 Romovac Set No:18 Rubber Catheter Rubber Sheet Ryles Tubes No 18, Ryles Tubes No: 12, Ryles Tubes No: 14, Ryles Tubes No:10, Ryles Tubes No:16, Ryles Tubes No:8, Scalp Vein Sets No:22, Scalp Vein Sets No:23, Shakir Tape, Shoulder Immobilizer S, Shoulder Immobilizer L, Shoulder Immobilizer M, Shoulder Immobilizer Xl, Shoulder Immobilizer Xxl, Sialistic Internal Nasal Splints, Skin Grafting Blades, Skin Stapler, Skin Traction Kit, Soft Rolls 4”, Soft Rolls 6”, South Facing Et Tubes 4, South Facing Et Tubes 4.5, South Facing Et Tubes 5, South Facing Et Tubes 6, South Facing Et Tubes 7, Spinal Needles No:23, Spinal Needles No:25, Spinal Needles No:26, Spinal Needles No:27, Spirometer, Stadio Meter, Steam Indicator Chemical & Biological, Sterile Dressing Pads, Stockings For Varicose Veins Class Ii Above Knee Large, Stockings For Varicose Veins Class Ii Above Knee Medium, Stockings For Varicose Veins Class Ii Above Knee Xtra Large, Stockings For Varicose Veins Class Ii Below Knee Xtra Large, Stockings For Varicose Veins Class Ii Below Knee Large, Stockings For Varicose Veins Class Ii Below Knee Medium, Stylet Adult, Stylet Paediatric, Suction Catheter No: 8 Thumb Operated, Suction Catheter No:10 Thumb Operated, Suction Catheter No:12 Thumb Operated, Suction Catheter No:14 Thumb Operated Suction Catheter No:16 Thumb Operated Suction Catheter No:18 Thumb Operated Suction Catheter No:6 Thumb Operated Suction Tubes Disposalble Cannula Supra Catheter 16Fr Supra Catheter 18Fr Surgical Blades No:10 Surgical Blades No:11 Surgical Blades No:15 Surgical Blades No:20 Surgical Blades No:22 Surgical Drains 10 Surgical Drains 12 Surgical Drains 14 Surgical Linen Set Surgical Sterile Gloves No:6 Surgical Sterile Gloves No:6 .5 Surgical Sterile Gloves No:7 Surgical Sterile Gloves No:7.5 Surgical Sterile Gloves No:8 Synthetic Cast Large 5” Synthetic Cast Small 3” Syringes 3Cc Syringes 2Cc Tailors Brace Assorted Sizes Ted Stockings Teflon Stapes Piston 5Mm X 0.6 Mm Tegaderm Tennis Elbow Brace Thermovent Thermovent For Tracheostomey Thin Triple Self Adherent Bordered Soft Silicone Dressing With Safetac Layer, Thin Flexible Absorbent Foam With Non-Woven Layer Of Viscose & Polyester And Backing Polyurethane Film. Size: 4 X 5 Cm Thomus Splint Large, Thomus Splint Medium, Three Way Cock, Three Way Extension Tube 10Cm, Tissue Rolls, Tongue Depressor, Tongue Depressor Disposable, Tracheal Tree Tracheostomy Tubes 6, Tracheostomy Tubes 7, Tracheostomy Tubes 7.5, Tracheostomy Tubes 8, Tracheostomy Tubes 8.5, Tracheostomy Tubes 9, Transparent Hypo Allergic Tape, Triple Layered Anti-Microbial Foam Dressing, Sustained Silver Release For 7, Days With Polyurethane Backing Film As Water, Bacterial And Viral Barrier., With Soft Silicone Adhesive Technology. Size: 12.5 X 12.5 Cm, Triple Layered Anti-Microbial Foam Dressing, Sustained Silver Release For 7, Days With Polyurethane Backing Film As Water, Bacterial And Viral Barrier., With Soft Silicone Adhesive Technology. Size: 20 X 20 Cm, Triple Layered Anti-Microbial Foam Dressing, Sustained Silver Release For 7, Days With Polyurethane Backing Film As Water, Bacterial And Viral Barrier., With Soft Silicone Adhesive Technology. Size: 20 X 50 Cm, Triple Layered Anti-Microbial Foam Dressing, Sustained Silver Release For 7, Days With Polyurethane Backing Film As Water, Bacterial And Viral Barrier., With Soft Silicone Adhesive Technology. Size: 10 X 10 Cm, Triple Lumen Catheter 15 Cm, Triple Lumen Catheter 5Cm, Tubal Rings, Tympanostomy Tubes Grommets Small, Tympanostomy Tubesgrommettes Standard, Ultra Sound Jelly, Ultra Sound Scan Rolls, Umbilical Catheter 2.5 F, Umbilical Catheter 3.5 F,, Umbilical Catheter 5 F Umbilical Cord Clamps Urinary Catheter 10 Fr Urinary Catheter 12 Fr Urinary Catheter 6 Fr Urinary Catheter 8 Fr Urine Bags Adult Urine Bags Neonatal Urine Bags Paediatric Urine Bags With Condom Catheter Urine Collection Flask Vacutainers For Neonatal Volumetric Urinary Bags Washers For Trocar Cannulae Weighing Machine Adult Digital Weighing Machine Neonatal Digital Weighing Machine Paediatric Digital Wooden Spatula Wrist Band Yanker Suction Set Plaster Of Paris 25 Kg Dental Stone 25 Kg Die Stone 15Kg Base Plate, Sand Papers 80 Mm, Modeling Wax 750 Gram, Sticky Wax 100 Gram, Tin Foil 100 Ml, Separating Media 5 Litres, Putty Impression Light Body Impression Material, Putty Light Body Impression Paste Impression Material, Tray Adhesive, Vinyl Gloves, Polishing Cake White, Br, Ownblue 500 Gram, Pumice Polishing Agent, Rubber Gloves Heat Resistant, Cold Cure Monomer & Polymer Big Size, Heat Cure Monomer & Polymer Big Size, Heat Cure Hi Impact Big Size, Polishing Buff Big & Small Regular, Ortho Wire 19 Gauge, Full Teeth Set Acry Rock 24 Size Acrylic Resin, Full Teeth Set Acry Rock 25 Size Acrylic Resin, Full Teeth Set Acry Rock 26 Size Acrylic Resin, Teeth Set Posterior Set Of 8 Upper And Lower 24 Size, Teeth Set Posterior Set Of 8 Upper And Lower 25 Size, Teeth Set Posterior Set Of 8 Upper And Lower 26 Size, Teeth Set Anterior Set Of 6 Upper And Lower24 Size, Teeth Set Anterior Set Of 6 Upper And Lower25 Size, Teeth Set Anterior Set Of 6 Upper And Lower26 Size, Denture Trimming Burs Different Shape N Different Sizestainless Steel And Stone, Temporary Crown Material Cold Cure A, B, C Shades Acrylic Resin, Separator Applying Brush Hair Brushes, Alginateimpression Material, Green Stick Type 1 Low Fusing Wax, Zinc Oxide & Eugenol Paste Impression Material, Articulating Paper, Impression Compound, Paraffin Wax Vaseline 1 Kg, Curved Needles Half Circle, Sodium Hypochlorite 2.50%, Bp Blade No.15, Burs Round Bur,, Bur Tf13, Bur Tr16, Bur Inverted Cone, Carbide Burs No.702, Carbide Bur No.703, Korsolex, K Files- 21Mm No.15, K Files- 21Mm No.20 K Files- 21Mm No.25 K Files- 21Mm No.30 K Files- 21Mm No.35 K Files- 21Mm No.40 K Files-25Mm No.15 K Files-25Mm No.20 K Files-25Mm No.25 K Files-25Mm No.30 K Files-25Mm No.35 K Files-25Mm No.40 Spreader No.15 Spreader No.20 Spreader No.25 Protaper Files F1 Protaper Files F2 Protaper Files F3 Protaper Files Sx Protaper Files S1 Protaper Files S2 Paper Points F1 Gp Points F1 Gp Points F2 Gp Points F3 Formocresol Cavitemp Aerator Lubricant Gic Type Ii Gic Type I

4 AUG2018
  State Government
State Government haldwani-uttaranchal
Ref. No : 13797576
7/18/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Health Services And Equipments

Supply Of Blood Bag, Paediatric Drip Set, Ecg Roll, Ultrasound Roll, Abdominal Sponge, Hospital Rubber Sheet And Ecg Paper.

20 MAR2018
corporations/Associations/Others jaipur-rajasthan
Ref. No : 12892860
2/23/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Banking And Mutual Funds And Leasings

Supply Of Hospital Instruments- Surgery-Male Surgical Ward- Laryngoscope Ss Adult Mat Finish Ng Macintosh, Laryngoscope With 4 Blades, Laryngoscope Ss Child Mat Finish Ng Miller, Laryngoscope With 2 Blades, Dial Thermometer, Kidney Tray Ss Medium 8X 4 X3, , Knife Handle No.3 Ss, Bowel S Steel 4, Bowel S Steel 6, Bed Pan Ss,, Bandage Cutting Scissors Urinal Plastic, Tasla/Chilmgi Ss 15, Knife Handle No.4 Ss, Proctoscope Ss Adult With Inbuilt Illumination Unit, Needle Holder 6Inch Ss, Artery Forceps Straight 6 Inches Ss, Artery Forceps Mosquito Curved 4 Inches Ss, Artery Forceps Curved 6 Inches Ss, Discecting Forceps Toothed 6 Inches Ss, Discecting Forceps Plain Ss 8, Discecting Toothed Forceps Small 3 Inches Ss, Artery Forceps Straight 4 Inches Ss, Dressing Drum Large Ss15x15, Cheatle Forceps Ss, Scissors Curved 6 Inches Ss, Scissors Straight 6 Inches Ss, Scissors Small Curved 3 Inches Ss, Scissors Straight Small 3 Inches Ss, Needle Holder 4 Inch Ss, Proctoscope Small Child Ss With Inbuilt Illumination, Scissors Curved 4 Inches Ss, Tailor Scissors 25 Cm With Pittel Handle, Ambubag Bag With Mask Child Silicon, Ambubag Bag With Mask Adult Silicon, Nebulizer Machine, B. Orthopeadics- Plaster Room And Ortho Opd, Electric Cast Cutter With Vacuum, Cast Cutter, Gauze Cutter Cotton Role, Player Surgical Medium Size Ss Pliar, Bucket Medium Litre Iron Glazed Sheet, Plaster Cutter Scissor Ss Heavy Handle9, Plaster Spreaderss Small, Plaster Spreaderss Large, Female Ortho Ward, Cheatle Forceps 27Cm/12 Inchesss, Holder Needless, Knife Handless, Weight For Traction With Weight Stands 2 Pound, Weight For Traction With Weight Stands 5 Pound, Weight For Traction With Weight Stands 1 Pound, Suture Cutter Scissor 15.5 Cmss, Scissors Straight Longss, Scissors Straight Smallss, Scissors Curved Largess, Scissors Curved Smallss, Artery Forceps Straight, Largess, 8, Artery Forceps Straight, Smallss, 6, Artery Forceps Curved, Largess, , 8, Artery Forceps Curved, Smallss, 6, Artery Forceps Mosquitoss, 4, Wooden Block, 12, Ice Caps, Thasla Steel 15, Thasla Stand Steel, Tray With Lid S Steel Large 21X14x5, Tray With Lid S Steel Medium 15X8x3, Tray With Lid S Steel Small 10X6x3, Kidney Tray S Steel Large Size12x6x5, Thomas Splint Large Iron With Plastic Coated Rings, Thomas Splint Small, Wire Splint Malleable, Bed Pan S Steel With Cover, Bowel S Steel Big Size 6, Bowel S Steel Big Size 4, Hot Water Bag, Plaster Cutting Scissor Ss 9, Bucks Extension Iron, Cervical Traction Unit Fellable, Balcon Beam Frame Ss, Orthopeadics Ot, T-Handle Stemman Pin Introduces Large Ss, T- Handle Stemman Pin Introduces Medium Ss, Large Fragment Fixation Set, Small Fragment Fixation Set, Mini Fragment Fixation Set, Pfn Set, Broken Implanted Screw Removal Set Hollow Mills With Handle Set 3.5 Mm,, 4.5Mm, 5Mm, 5.5Mm, 6.0Mm, 6.5Mm, 7.0Mm, Male Ortho Ward, Back Rest Iron Or Ss, Cervical Traction Complete Set, Knife Handle No.3, Knife Handle No.4, Weighting Set For Traction, Scissor Straight 3 Inch Pointed Ss, Cotton Cutting Scissor Tailor Scissor Petal Handle, Artery Forceps Mosquito Curved 4Inchss, Artery Forceps Mosquito Straight 4Inchss, Oxygen Regulator Single Stage Valve Regulator With Humidifier, Scissor Straight Blunt 6 Inchesss, Scissor Straight Blunt 8 Inchesss, Scissor Curved 4 Inch Ss, Scissor Pointed Straight 4 Inchss, Artery Forceps Curved 6 Inchss, Artery Forceps Straight 6 Inchss, Dissecting Forceps Plain 6 Inchesss, Dissecting Forceps Toothed 6 Inchesss, Tray With Cover Stainless Steel Normal Size 21X14x5, Kidney Tray Big Sizess 12X6x5, Kidney Tray Small Sizess 8X4x3, Bed Pan With Coverss, Ss Bowl4, Ss Bowl6, Hot Water Bottle, Plaster Cutting Scissorss 9, Stainman Pinss, Thomas Splint, Wooden Block 6, Wooden Block12, Bohler Braun Splint Traction, Mettalivc Frame, Pliar With Cutterss, Cheatle Forceps, Tasla Ss Big Size 15, Tasla Ss Big Size 18, Ambubag Adult Silicon With Mask, Ambubag Child Silicon With Mask, Hammer Largerss, Ice Pack Medium Size, Ice Pack Big Size, Acepto Syringe, K-Wire Splint, Steinmann Pin Introducer T- Handle, Bucket Medium Litre? Iron Glazed Sheet, Bucket Big Size Litre? Iron Glazed Sheet, Suture Cutting Scissorss 6, Needle Holderss 6, C. Male Medical Ward- Kidney Tray, 12X6x5, Tasala Big Bowlsss 18, Bed Panss, Urinal Plastic, S.S. Tray Medium 21X14x5, Tongue Depressorss, Rubber Hammer, Artery Forceps Mediumss 6 Curved, Stethoscope,, Dressing Drum 15X15, Laundry Bag With Stand, Needle Holderss 8, Cheatle Forceps 12, Dissecting Forceps 4, D. Female Medical Ward, Tongue Depressorss, Enamel Tray With Lid Big, Enamel Tray With Lid Small, Bowel Bigss 6, Bowel Smallss 4, S.S. Tray With Lid 21X14x5, Curved Artery Forcepsss 4, Straight Forcepsss 4, Dissecting Forcepsplain, Dissecting Forceps Toothed, Linin Bag With Stand, Stellate Adult For T.T., E. Surgery- Allis Forcepsss, A. Allis Forcepssssmall Size 4, B. Allis Forcepsssmedium Size 6, C. Allis Forcepsss Large Size 8, Artery Forceps Straight/Curvedss, A. Mosquito Artery Forceps Straightss, B. Mosquito Artery Forceps Curvedss, C. Artery Forceps Straightss Small 4,, D. Artery Forceps Curvedss Small 4, E. Artery Forceps Straightss Medium 6, F. Artery Forceps Curvedss Medium 6, G. Artery Forceps Straightss Large 8, H. Artery Forceps Curvedss Large 8, Kochars Clampss, Kochars Clampss Small 4, Kochars Clampss Medium 6, Kochars Clampsslarge 8, Needle Holderss, Needle Holderss Small 4, Needle Holderss Medium 6, Needle Holderss Large 8, Needle Holderss Extra Large 10, Dissecting Forceps Toothed/Non Toothedss, A. Dissecting Forceps Small Toothed, B. Dissecting Forceps Small Non Toothed, C. Dissecting Forceps Mediumtoothed, D. Dissecting Forceps Medium Non Toothed, E. Dissecting Forceps Large Toothed, F. Dissecting Forceps Large Non Toothed, Cbd Calibration Set, Cbd Dialator, Cholecystolithotomy Forcepsss, Choledocholithotomy Forcepsss, Right Angled Artery Different Sizedss, Pyelolithotomy Forcepsss, Nephrolithotomy Forcepsss, Cystolithotomy Forcepsss, Nephrectomy Clampss, Vascular Clamp Different Sized Setss, Bull Dog Clamp Different Sized Setss, Foleys Cathetor Introducer Stellateset, Urethral Dialator Set, Intestinal Occlusion Clamp Crushing/Noncrushing, A.Intestinal Occlusion Clamp Crushingadult Set, B. Intestinal Occlusion Clamp Noncrushingadult Set, C.Intestinal Occlusion Clamp Crushing Paediatric Set, D.Intestinal Occlusion Clamp Non Crushing, Paediatric Set, Clip Applicator Different Sized 200, 300, 400, A.Clip Applicator Sized 200, B.Clip Applicator Sized 300, C.Clip Applicator Sized 400, Proctoscopes Simple/ Inbuilt Light Source, A. Proctoscopes Simple/ Inbuilt Light Source Adult Size, B. Proctoscopes Simple/ Inbuilt Light Sourcepediatric Size, Scissors Straight/Curved/ Tissue, Cutting/Thread Cuttingss, A. Scissor?S Small 4Straight, B. Scissor?S Small 4 Curved, C. Scissor?S Small 4 Tissue Cutting, D. Scissor?S Small 4 Thread Cutting, E. Scissor?S Medium 6Straight, F. Scissor?S Medium 6Curved, G. Scissor?S Medium 6Tissue Cutting, H. Scissor?S Medium 6Thread Cutting, I. Scissor?S Large 8Straight, J. Scissor?S Large 8Curved, K. Scissor?S Large 8Tissue Cutting, L. Scissor?S Large 8Thread Cutting, Sponge Holding Forcepsss, A. Sponge Holding Forcepssssmall, B. Sponge Holding Forcepssslarge Towel Clipsss, Fistula Probe, Abdominal Retractorss, A. Abdominal Retractorss Deversss, 1. Abdominal Retractorss Deverssssmall, 2. Abdominal Retractorss Deversssmedium, 3. Abdominal Retractorss Deverssslarge, B. Abdominal Retractorssright Angless, 1. Abdominal Retractorssright Anglesssmall, 2. Abdominal Retractorssright Anglessmedium, 3. Abdominal Retractorssright Anglesslarge, C. Abdominal Retractorssdoyens Retractorss, D. Abdominal Retractorss Self-Retainingss, Tissue Forceps, Suction Tip, Gastrojejunostomy Clamp, Cord Holding Forceps, Pile Holding Forceps, Pile Clamp, Vasectomy Set, Pile Band Applicator, Circumcision Forceps, Skin Grafting Knife, F. Pulmonary, Abrahams Needless 8G X 3.5, Trocar And Cannula 20/22 Set Ss G. Pediatrics, Liver Biopsy Needle 18G, 3½?, Bone Marrow Aspiration Needle 16/14, Peak Expiratory Flow Meter H. Gynae, Needle Holderss, A. Small Needle Holder 6 Mayo Heges B. Large Needle Holder 8 S.S., Artery Forceps Straight, A. Small Size Straight Artery Forceps 6 S.S., B. Medium Size Straight Artery Forceps 7 S.S., Allis Forceps, A. Allis Forceps Small 6 S.S., B. Allis Forceps Medium 7 S.S., Episiotomy Scissor 7.5 S.S. Waldman, Ligature Scissor 5 Stainless Steel Heath, Sims Speculum Double Bladed S.S. Standard, A. Sims Speculum Double Bladed S.S. Standard Small, B. Sims Speculum Double Bladed S.S. Standard Medium, C. Sims Speculum Double Bladed S.S. Standard Large, Cord Clamps Kane Stainless Steel 3.5, Sponge Holder 8.25 Stainless Steel Heywood Smith Valsellum 9 S.S, Cuscos Speculum Medium Stainless Steel, Cheatle Forceps Kane, Stainless Steel 3.5.

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