7 SEP2018
State Government
Ref. No : 13963096 Tender Value : 31.33 Lacs Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply Of Machine Equipment – Metric Chain 30/20M, Measuring Metallic Tape 15/20/30M, Steel Tape 5/10/15M, Ranging Rod 2M, Ranging Rod 3M, Plumb Bob, Arrows, Prismatic Compass 100Mm, Prismatic Compass 150Mm Dia, Surveyor Compass, Dumpy Level, Vernier Transit Theodolite Sec/10 Sec, Leveling Staff 4 M Rigid Telescopic, Wooden Pegs, Plain Table With Accessories, Offset Rod, Optical Square, Cross Staff, Electronic Digital Theodolite, Auto Level, Total Station, Quick Set Level, Digital Planimeter, Box Sextant, Fiber Glass Tap 15/20/30 M Lengthe, Line Ranger, Pycnometers, Laboratory Oven, Sieves Set, Core Cutter, Liquid Limit Set, Plastic Limit Set, Shrinkage Limit Set, Light Compaction Set, Heavy Compaction Set, Gauging Trowel, Metal Containers Ghamela, Graduated Cylinders, Direct Shear Test Box Shear Apparatus, Triaxial Shear Test Apparatus, Penetration Apparatus For Bitumen, Ductility Testing Machine, Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine, Square End Trowel, Apparatus For Softening Point Of Bitumen, Flash And Fire Point Apparatus, Marshall Stability Testing Apparatus, Weighing Machine Capacity 10 Kgs, Cbr Test Setup, Aggregate Impact Tester, Apparatus For Crushing Value Of Aggregate, Specific Gravity Pycnometer, Apparatus For Specific Gravity Of Coarse Aggregate, Sieves For Particle Size Distribution Of Coarse Aggregate, Weighing Machine Capacity 10 Kgs, Gauging Trowel 6 Size, Trowels 5 Size, Bucket 12 Size, Ghamela Iron Sheet, Sieve Shaker, Stop Watch, Vicat Apparatus Conforming, Water Bath, Le Chatelier Test Apparatus Conform, Concrete Table Vibrator, Specific Gravity Pycnometer, Beaker 1 Liter, Measuring Jar, Flakiness Gauge, Gauge Length Elongation, Universal Testing Machine, Slump Test Apparatus, Tools And Containers For Mixing, Aggregate Impact Tester, Compacting Factor Apparatus, Vicat Apparatus, Scoop About 150 Mm Long, Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus, Container With A Cover, Sample Container, Digital Compression Testing Machine, Test Mould For Concrete 4 Cube, Test Mould For Concrete 6 Cube, Digital Tensile Testing Machine, Sieves

28 AUG2018
Central Government / Public Sector
Ref. No : 13927326 Tender Value : 2.50 Lacs Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Purchase Of Fabric Abrasion Tester

9 AUG2018
State Government
 ghaziabad-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 13802899 Tender Value : NA Sector : Services

Supply Of Wet Abrasion Tester For Paint

6 MAR2018
State Government
 howrah-west bengal
Ref. No : 12776179 Tender Value : 7.50 Lacs Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply And Installations Of Dry And Slurry Abrasion Tester

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