30 JUN2018
Central Government/Public Sector
 allahabad-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 13499941 Tender Value : NA Sector : Security Services

Supply Of Abrasive Cloth Emery Corrundum Size Of Sheet 280Mmx230mm.

6 JUN2018
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 13412094 Tender Value : NA Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Electro Abrasive Sheet,

18 MAY2018
Central Government/Public Sector
 varanasi-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 13308598 Tender Value : NA Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Special Abrasive Rubber Sheet Hardness - Duro-45 Size- 1500 X 1000 X 15 Mm

15 MAY2018
State Government
 aligarh-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 13278417 Tender Value : NA Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply Of Straight Wire Appliance, Ceramic Kit With Buccal Molars Tubes, Self Legating Kit Bracket Sytem With Molar Tubes, Bonding Kits, Primer Bond Light Cure, Primer Bond Light Cure, Primer Bond Self Cure, Etchants Syringe, Moisture Insensitive Primer, Silance Bonding, Pre Formed Band, Band Material, Wires, Australian Wire, Straight Length Stainless Steel Wire Of All, Niti Wire Spoll, Preformed Niti Arch Wires Of All Round And Rectangular, Copper Niti Preformed Arch Wires Of All Size Round And Rectangular, Tma Preformed Wire Of All Sizes Round And Rectangular, Buccal Tubes And Buttons, Weld Able Buccal Tubes Of First Molars Upper Triple And Lower Double Convertible, Wled Able Single Molar Tube, Lingual Button Bondable Crimp Able Hooks, Ligatures And Elastics, Elastics Separator, Intraoral And Extra Orla Elastics, Elastic Ligatures, E-Chain, Ciol Spirings And Screws Niti Closed Coil Spring With Eyelet, Niti Closed Coil Spring In Spool, Stainless Steel Open Coil Spring, Expansion Screw, Hyraw Screw, Appliances, Niti Expander, Molar Distillation Kit, Forsus Applicance, Herbst Gears, High Pull Head Gear, Cervical Pull Headgear Chin Cap, Vertical Pull Headgear, Combination Pull Chain Cap, Medium Pull Chain Cap, Miscellaneous, Wire Sleeves, Bios Tar Sheet Of All Size, Relief Wax, Solder, Implant Kit, Micro Etcher, Ipr Kit, Abrasive Strip Side, Abrasive Strip Single Side, Trimmer Metallic Bur, Finishing Stone Bur Of All Size And Shapes, Polishing Kit, Contra Angle Flat Fissure Burs, Mesh Retainer, Air Rotor Diamiond Bur.

15 MAY2018
Ref. No : 13259862 Tender Value : NA Sector : Power Plant

Supply Of Abrasive Sheet

11 APR2018
Central Government/Public Sector
 new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 13174632 Tender Value : NA Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Abrasive Emery Cloth Sheet

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