31 JUL2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector guwahati-assam
Ref. No : 13815447
7/20/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 17.44 Lacs 1744090.00 Sector : Security Services

Procurement Of Drugs And Consumables- Tab Pyridoxine 100Mg Tab Zidovudine 300Mg Tab Indomethacin Sr 75Mg Tab Divalporex Sodium 500 Mg Tab Topiramate 50 Mg Tab Valsartan 40Mg Tab Nebivilol 5 Mg Tab Telmisartan 40Mg + Hydrochlorthiazide12.5Mg Lotion Gamabenzene Hexachloride Tab Ibandronate 150 Mg Tab L Carnitine 500 Mg Fluticasone Propionate 50Mcg Bp, Nasal Spray Rivastigmine 4.6Mg 5Cm, Patch Tab Paroxetine Xr 12.5Mg Tab Baclofen 10Mg Tab Ramipiril 10 Mg Acyclovir Skin Cream Rectified Spirit Alcohol Insulin Glargine 100Iu/Ml Recombinant Dna Origin Human Long Acting Insulin Analogue Vial 10 Ml, 10 Ml Inj Tab Glibenclamide 5Mg Tab Chlorpromazine Hcl 100Mg Tab Imipramine 25Mg Cap/Tab Lethium Carbonate 300Mg Dextrose Monohydrate For Oral Use In Pack Of 100Gm With Or Without Minerals Cap Evion 200Mgvit E Tab Colchicine 0.5 Mg Tab Glucosamine 500Mg Tab Leflunomide Strength : 20Mg Tab Cefpodoxime Proxetil 200 Mg Purified Chick Embryo Cell Vaccine Hepatitis B Vaccine 10 Ml Disposable Shoe Cover Knife Bard Packer, Blade Size 1 Fitting Commercial No. 10 Packet Of 6 Knife Bard Packer, Blade Size 1 Fitting Commercial No. 11 Packet Of 6 Knife Bard Packer, Blade Size 1 Fitting Commercial No. 12 Packet Of 6 Knife Bard Packer, Blade Size 2 Fitting Commercial No. 15 Packet Of 6 Syringe Disposable, Plastic Sterile, 10 Ml With Needle Insulin Disposable Syringe 1Ml Insulin Syringe 40Iu/Ml Bandage Crepe 15 Cm Bandage Elastic Adhesive, 6 Cm X 3 Metresoutstretched And 5- 6 Metres When Stretched. Bandage, Open Wove Compressed 2.5 Cm X 4 Metres Bandage Open Wove Uncompressed 6 Cm X 4 Metres Bandage Open Wove Uncompressed 10 Cm X 4 Metres Bandage Triangular Cotton Wool, Absorbent:Pkt Of 500 Gm Cotton Wool, Non-Absorbent Pkt Of 500G Lint Absorbent, Cotton Pad, Cotton Wool, Dental, Box Of 100 Rolls, Absorbent Cotton Dental Assorted Sizes In Box Of 500 Surgeons Caps Surgeons Masks Polypropylene Blue Monofilament 70-75 Cm Size 3/0, 3/8 Circle Reverse Cutting 12 Mm Slide, Microscope, Thickness 1.15 To 1.35 Mm Size 75 X 25 Mm Semi Auto Analyser Wash Solution Micro Pipette Tips 05-50 Micro Ltr Hydrochloric Acid Benedict Solution, Qualitative. Hdl Cholesterol Kit Kits For Estimation Of Albumin Kits For Estimation Cholesterol Kits For Estimation Of Glucose Kits For Estimation Of Urea Kits For Estimation Of Uric Acid Kits For Estimation Of Creatinine Kits For Estimation Of Sgot Ast Kits For Estimation Of Sgpt Alt. Stain Giemsa Strips Albumin And Glucose Bottle Of 100 Stripsuristix Kit For Triglyceride Estimation Kit For Ldl Cholesterol By Direct Estimation Kit For Estimation Of Bilirubin Kit For Estimation Of Calcium 50 Ml Film Dental Single X-Ray 3.2Cm X 4.1Cm 1/4X15/8 Set Plasma Blood Saline Giving Plastic Disposable Presterilised Pyrogen Free Complete With Airline & Nylon Filter Normal Saline 500 Ml Self Collapsible Pressure Infusion Having Separate Administration Port, With Recessed Membrane And Plastic Sterility Barrier Self Sealing Inj Port Normal Saline 1000 Ml Self Collapsible Pressure Infusion Having Separate Administration Port, With Recessed Membrane And Plastic Sterility Barrier Self Sealing Inj Port No Air Vent Required Tab Telmisartan 40Mg + Amlodepine 5Mg Tab Acarbose 25 Mg Tab Divalporex Sodium 1000Mg Tab Clozapine 25 Mg Tab Benfomet Plus Tab Ferrous Fumarate 300 Mg+Folic Acid 1.5 Mg Tab Lorazepam 2 Mg Tab Mirtazepine 30 Mg Tab Paroxetin Cr 25Mg Tab Sodium Valproate 300Mg Tab Quetiapine 200 Mg Tab Paroxetine Xr 25 Mg Tab Paroxetine 20 Mg Tab Trazodone 50 Mg Cap Cephalexin 500Mg Tab Aceclofenac + Paracetamol & Chlorozaxazone Tab Aceclofenac 100 Mg +Thiocolchiside 8 Mg Tab Nitrofurantion 100Mg Tab Dothiepine 25Mg Tab Esmoprazole+Domperidone Tab Levodopa+ Carbidopa 125Mg Tab Gliclazide 40Mg Tab Gliclazide 80Mg Tab Losartan 50Mg + Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5Mg Tab Metoprolol 12.5Mg Tab Vit B1, Vit B2, Vit B3, Vit C, Folic Acid & Biotin Nephrocap Tab Racecadotril 100Mg Tab Rifaximine 400Mg Tab Rifaximine 550Mg Tab Tab Sodium Valproate+ Valproic Acid 500Mg Tab Ticagrelor 90Mg Tab Torsemide 5Mg Tab Torsemide 100Mg Tab Tramadol 50Mg + Paracetamol 500Mg Tab Carvidilol 6.25 Mg Tab Benfotiamine+ Mecobalamine+ Pyridoxine Tab B Complex+Zinc+Antioxidant Tab Paroxetin Cr 12.5Mg Tab Diclofenac Sodium 75Mg Sr Tab Glucosamine+Vit D3 Tab Vildagliptin 50Mg + Metformin 850Mg Tab Glimepiride 2Mg & Metformine 500 Mg Tab Amitriptyline 10 Mg Tab Metoprolol Xl 25 Mg Tab Isosorbide Mononitrate Sr 30Mg Tab Atorvast 10 Mg+Clopid 75 Mg Tab Glyceryl Trinitrate Cr 2.6 Mg Insulin Aspart 100 Iu/Mlpen Tab Olmesartan 20 Mg Tab Olmesartan 40 Mg Tab Cilindipine 10 Mg Tab Rosuvastatin 20 Mg Tab Telmisartan 40Mg+ Clinidipine 10 Mg Tab Chondrotin Sulphate 100Mg+ Glucosamin 750Mg+ Selenium + Vit D3+Msm+ Calcium Ascorbate Tab Sulfasalazine 500 Mg Tab Flunarzine 10 Mg Tab Phenytoin Sodium 300 Mg Tab Levetiracetam 750Mg Sr Tab Methylcobalmine 1500Mcg Sr+Folic Acid 5 Mg+Pyridoxine 20 Mg Tab Clonazepam Md 0.25Mg Tab Alprazolam 0.5Mg Tab Gabapentin 300 Mg + Mecobalamin 500Mcg Tab Carbidopa 10 Mg + Levodopa 100 Mg Tab Tab Cefixime + Clavulanate 200 + 125 Tab Cefixime + Clavulanate 100 + 62.5 Tab Moxifloxacin 400Mg Tab Ursodexycholic Acid 300Mg

6 MAR2018
  State Government
State Government kanpur-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 12800650
2/10/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 50.00 Lacs 5000000.00 Sector : Health Services And Equipments

Supply Of Consumable Items - Loose Gloves, I V Drip Set, Blood Transfusion Set, Urobag, Foleys Catheter Baloon 16 No., Surgical Gloves 6.5 No, Surgical Gloves 7 No., Surgical Gloves 7.5 No., Disposable Syringe 2Ml, Disposable Syringe 5Ml, Disposable Syringe 50Ml With Needle, Disposable Syringe 50Ml Without Needle, Disposable Syringe 3Ml, Disposable Syringe 10Ml, Disposable Syringe 20Ml, Viggo Fix, I.V. Cannula 16 No., I V. Cannula 20 No., I.V Cannula 22 No., I.V. Cannula 24 No., Core Biopsy Needle, Ryles Tube Sterilized 10 No., Ryles Tube Sterilized 12 No., Ryles Tube Sterilized 14 No., Ryies Tube Sterilized 16 No., Romolene Enteral Feeding Catheter Integrated With Port Connector 16 No, Spinal Needle 18 No, Spinal Needle 20 No, Spinal Needle 22 No, Spinal Needle 23 No, Dynaplast, Romovac 14 No., Romovac 16 No, Crape Bandage 4, Crape Bandage 6, Zink Oxide Adhesive Tape 2.5Cmx5m, Zink Oxide Adhesive Tape 5Cmx5m, Zink Oxide Adhesive Tape 7.5Cmx5m, Zink Oxide Adhesive Tape Locmxsm, Et Tube 7 No, Ettube 7.5 No, Bam Circuit With Endotracheal, Ambu Bag, Nebulizer Mask, Face Mask, Disposable Surgeon Cap, Kallis Pad, T.U.R.P. Set, Bandage Than- 100X20m, Guage Than- 60X20m, Roll Bandage 6 -20M, Roll Bandage 4 -20M, Thermoplastic Cast 3 Clamp Head & Neck, Thermoplastic Cast 4 Clamp Head &. Neck, Thermoplastic Cast 5 Clamp Head & Neck, Thermoplastic Cast 6 Clamp Head & Neck, Tegaderm Cvc-Piv-10Xl2cm, Tegaderm Cvc-Piv-7X8.5Cm, Insulin Syringe, Transparent Hypoallergenic Synthetic Paper Tape-Micropore -1“, Disposable Surgeon Apron, Onco Kit, Infant Feeding Tube Fg 5.6, 7, 8, 10, Codon Set Mera Filter, B.P. Surgical Blade, Adhesive Plast 4, Adhesive Plast 6”, Plastic Apron Waterproof And Autodavable Reusable, Mackintosh Rubber Sheet-Autoclavable, Micro Drip Set, Paediatric Drip Set, Edta Vial 3Ml Vacutainer, Plain Vial 2Ml Vacutainer, Fluoride Vial Vacutainer, Hot Water Bottle, Disposable Needle 16 No., Suction Catheter Finger Tip Control, Suction Catheter Various Size, Lp Needle 18 No, Ip Needle 20 No., Lp Needle 22 No, Lp Needle 23 No, Acetic Acid Glacial Ep, Chloroform Ep/Synth./Lr, D.P.X Mountant, Eosin Yellow Water Soluble, Formeldehyde Solution 37*41% W/V, Glycerine/Glycereol-Purified/Lr, Hematoxylin Ms, Liquid Paraffin Heavy, Litmus Paper Blue, Litmus Paper Red, Lysol, Ph Paper, Methanol Acetone Free, Paraffin Wax 60-62 Degree Centigrade Solid, Terpentine Oil Rectified, Sodium Chloride Ep, Acetone, Lieshmans Powder, Hydrochloride Acid, Reticulocyte Stain, S.G.P.T, Ifcc Kinetic Lyphozyme, S.G.O.T. Ifcc Kinetic Lyphozyme, S. Creatinine Kinetic Alkline Picrate, S. Bilirubin T/D J&G, P. Glucose Kit God/ Pod Lyphozyme, S. Chloesterol Enzymatic Lyphozyme, S. Calcium Oc/Pc Lyphozyme, S. Triglyceride Lyphozyme, S. Amylase Lyphozyme, S. Uric Acid Uricase/Pod Lyphozyme, Hdl, Hiv Rapid Kit, Hbsag Rapid Kit, Hcv Rapid Kit, Serum Lipase Lyphozyme, Microtips 5Pl*100Pl, 100Pl-1000Pl, E.D.T.A Solution, Fluoride Solution, S Protein Biuret, S Albumin Bcg, Gluco Strip -50 Pcs., 100 Pcs, A. B.O. Rh Antigen, Anti A+B+D Monoclonal Lgm, Cover Slip Thickness 0.13Mm-0.16Mm Size*22X22mm, Histology Tissue Cassette Big & Small, Sample Collection Vial 5Ml, Edta Vacutainer 2Ml, Fluoride Vacutainer 2Ml, Urine Container 50Ml, Pipettetips Soopcs., Wartman Paper 12.5Cm, Filter Paper 46X57cm, Variable Volume Micro Pipettes, 0.5Pl-10Pl, 5Pl-50Pl, 50Pl-200Pl, 200Pl-1000Pl, Lopl-Loopi, 2Pl-20Pl, 20Pl-200Pl, Multi Channel Pippettes 08 Chan, 0.5Pl-10Pl, 5Pl-50Pl, 20Pl-200|Il, 30Pl-300Pl, Cleaning Solution B, Xylene, D.P.X. Mountant, Cover Glass 22X22mm, Cover Glass 22X40mm, Microslides, Lieshmans Stain, Hematoxylin, Lmould, Magnilek Gadopentetate Dimeglumine Injection Usp Mr! Contrast, Omnipaque Non-Ionic Ct Scan Contrast, Trazogastro Ct Scan Oral Contrast, Dry View Laser Imaging Film Size 14X17, Digital 125 Sheets Packet, Dry View Laser Imaging Film Size 10X12, Digital 125 Sheets Packet, Dry View Laser Imaging Film Size 08X10, Digital 125 Sheets Packet, Dry View Laser Imaging Film Size 08X10, Digital 100 Sheets Packet, Ultra Sound Thermal Paper Print Low Density, Ultra Sound Jelly 250 Ml, Inj. Ionic Contrast Media 76%, Absrovent Cotton Wool 500 Gm Nett, Absorbent Cotton Wool 300 Gm Net, Absorbent Cotton Wool 200 Gm Nett, Absorbent Cotton Wool 100 Gm Nett, Oxygen Mask..

12 FEB2018
  State Government
State Government kolkata-west bengal
Ref. No : 12735621
2/2/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply Of Dna Ligase Mol. Bio. Reagent, Promega/Neb, Soil Dna Isolation Kit Mol. Bio. Reagent, Mp Biomedicals, Fecal Dna Isolation Kit Mol. Bio. Reagent, Mp Biomedicals, Gel Elution Kit Mol. Bio. Reagent Gcc/Sigma/Promega/Qiagen, Power Sybr Green Pcr Master Mix, Thermofisher Scientific, Protease Inhibitor Cocktail, Thermo Fisher Scientific/ Promega/ Sigma, Deae Sepharose For Protein Purification, Bio-Gel P-100, Bio-Rad, Cm Sephadex C-50, Sigma, Dialysis Sacks, Flat Width 35 Mm, Mwco 12, 000 Da, Sigma, Ammonium Sulphate, Sigma/Mp Biomedicals/Biorad, Phenol:Chloroform:Isoamyl Alcohol 25:24:1 Mol. Bio. Reagent,, Sigma/Mp Bio/Biorad/Invitrogen, Chloroform:Isoamyl Alcohol 24:1 Mol. Bio. Reagent,, Sigma/Mp Bio/Biorad/Invitrogen, 2 Propanol Mol. Bio. Reagent, Sigma/Mp Bio/Biorad/Invitrogen, Ethanol Mol. Bio. Reagent, Sigma/Mp Bio/Biorad/Invitrogen, Agarose Mol. Bio. Reagent, Sigma/Mp Bio/Biorad/Invitrogen, Tris Base, Mol. Bio. Reagent 1 Ethyl 3 Methyl Imidazolium Chloride, Sigma, Jensen’S Medium, Sodium Hypochlorite 4% Naocl, Acc Deaminase, Pikovskayas Broth, 2, 4 Dintrophenyle Hydrazine, Plasticwares And Consumables- Versiplate Pcr Strip 8 * 12 Tube Plate, Versicap Mat, 2.0 Ml Microcentrifuge Tube, Tarsons, 1.5 Ml Microcentrifuge Tube, Tarsons, Micro Tip 1000 ?l, Tarsons, Micro Tip 200 ?l, Tarsons, Micro Tip 10 ?l, Tarsons, Petri Dish Non Vented Radiation Sterile 90 X14 Mm Separately, Packed, Tarsons, Whatman Filter Paper No. 4, 125 Mm, Absorbent Cotton, Non-Absorbent Cotton, Tooth-Pick,

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