29 JUN2018
State Government
Ref. No : 13546999 Tender Value : NA Sector : Security Services

Dismantling, Shifting, Erection Commisioning Of 04 No Of Absorption Tower Building No 48Ce Sectionas

13 JUN2018
Central Government / Public Sector
 haldia-west bengal
Ref. No : 13430572 Tender Value : 1.05 Crore Sector : Crude Oil / Natural Gas / Mineral Fuels

Design Engineering, Providing, Installation, Testing And Commissioning Of Auto Chlorine Absorption, Neutralisation And Venting System In Dhds Cooling Tower And Tps Ct And Pct

5 APR2018
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 13090696 Tender Value : NA Sector : Power Plant

Procurement Of Chlorine Absorption Tank With Tower

15 FEB2018
State Government
Ref. No : 12754695 Tender Value : NA Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply Of Autoclave Vertical Manual, Small Autoclave Gel, Documentation System, Pcr System With Flexibility, Pcr Setup And Post Pcr Analysis, Gradient Thermal Cycler, Uv-Vis Double, Beam Spectrophotom Eter, Uv Vis Spectrophotom Eter Single Beam, Ph Meter, Binocular Microscope, Trinocular Research Microscope, Stereo Zoom Microscope, Hot Air Oven, Bacteriological Incubator, Ice Flaking Machine, Analytical Balance, Centrifuge Refrigirated, Refrigerated Incubator Shaker, Rotary Shaker, Multi Wavelength Scan Elisa Reader, Walk In Chamber, Rocking Shaker, Water Purification System, Culture Racks For Tissue Culture, Air Curtain 4 Feet, Air Curtain 6 Feet, Bod Incubator, Orbital Shaking Incubator, Leaf Area Meter, Chlorophyll Content Meter, -800 C Deep Freeze Along With Co2 Module, Media Dispenser, Homogeniser For Grinding, Mixing, Disruption Small Amounts Of Sample, Microprocessor Controlled Floor Standing Ultracentrifuge With Accessories, Green House, Net House, Poly House, Laboratory Nitrogen Container, Laminar Air Flow With Sterilizer, 2 D Electrophoresis System With Power Pack, Western Blotting System, Real Time Pcr System, Vacuum Oven, Gene Gun, Seed Germinator, Capillary Gel Electrophoresis System, Liquid Handling System, Nanophotomete R, Microplate Washer, Tissue Lyser, Semi Dry Transfer Unit With Built In Power Supply, Vacuum Concentrator, Multiwell Plate Shaker, Laboratory Fermenter/Bior Eactor -5 Ltr Capacity, Muffle Furnace, Mini Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Unit Along With Power Supplies, Maxi Vertical Gel Electrophoresis Unit Along With Power Supplies, Mini Horizontal Gel Electrophoresis Unit With Power Supplies, Fume Hood, Gel Rocker With Timer, Thermo-Mixer, Dry Bath, Uv Transilluminator, Mixmate, Gel Dryer, Mini Plate Centrifuge, Fluorescent Microscope, Hybridization Oven, Electroporator, Co2 Incubator, Cell Counter, Precision Tower 7810 Workstation, Desktop Computers, Schrödinger Small Molecule Drug Discovery Suite Software, Inverter, Voltage Stabilizer, Voltage Stabilizer, Diesel Generator, Nonrefrigerated Microcentrifug E Minispin, Digital Liquid Nitrogen Generator, Hptlc Image Documentation System, Vertical Fermentor, Spilt Air Conditioner – 1.0 Ton, Cassette Air Conditioner – 1.5 Ton, Handycam With Built-In Projector, Camera, Optimiser Versatile Storage System, Desert Air Cooler 67 Lit Water Tank, Duct Vent Air Cooler, Desert Air Cooler 45 Lit Water Tank, Mini Tractor 21 Hp, Mini Cultivator For Mini Tractor, Mini Tractor Hydraulic Trolley, Open Well Submersible Pump With Required Accessories Cost For Complete Fitting Of Motor On Well Having Depth Of 50 Feet, Laser Printers, Inkjet Colour Printer, Auto Titrator, Microprocessor Controlled Ph/Mv/Temp. Meter, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer With Integrated Flame & Graphite Furnace And Hydride Vapour Generator, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer With Integrated Graphite Furnace, Karl Fischer Titrator, Ftir Spectrometer, High Throughput Micro Volume Uv Vis Spectrophotometer, Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer, Double Beam Uv Vis Spectrophotometer, Simultaneous Icp Oes Spectrometer, Grains And Oilseed Analyzer, Micro Volumae Spectrophotometer Standalonebuilt-In Touchscreen Instrument Control Low Volume Uvvis Spectrophotometer, Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, 2D Electrophoresis Setup, Gel Documentation System, Gene Gun, Pcr Specifications, Mini Dna Gel Electrophoresis System, Midi Gel Electrophoresis System, Maxi Gel Electrophoresis System, Power Supply For Dna And Protein Electrophoresis Systems, Low Pressure Protein Purification System, Real Time Pcr, Semi Dry Western Blotting System With In Built Power Pack, Sonicator, Sds Page Gel Electrophoresis Systems, Wet Transfer Blotting Systems, Table Top Refrigerated Centrifuge, Elisa Plate Washer, Monochromator Based Elisa Reader Cum Spectrophotometer, Water Jacketed Co2 Incubator, Ln2 Container, Washer Without Dryer, Microprocessor Controlled Floor-Standing Ultracentrifuge With Accessories, Double Glass Door Pharmacy Refrigerators, Deep Freezer-80Oc.

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