21 AUG2018
State Government
Ref. No : 13998035 Tender Value : 1.70 Lacs Sector : Power Plant

Dismantling, Repairing And Installation Of Scroll Compressor Of Ac Plant No.1 Of Ccpp 1, Dgbps

3 SEP2018
Central Government/Public Sector
 visakhapatnam-andhra pradesh
Ref. No : 14000657 Tender Value : NA Sector : Security Services

Repair Of 01 No Ac Compressor Of Ins Shakti

18 SEP2018
State Government
 chennai-tamil nadu
Ref. No : 14003261 Tender Value : NA Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply Of Machineries And Equipments - Ford Cup No 4 For Viscosity Measurement With Stand No 3 And No 4, Gloss Meter Digital, Digital Dft Meter, Orbital Sander Machine With Dust Collector, Pneumatic Polishing Machine With Pads, Digital Weight Machine - Capacity 5Kg Weighing Scale, Air Compressor 3 Phase 2 Hp, Air Compressor 1 Phase 1 Hp, Sealer Drum Press Pump With Sealer Gun Assembly With Complete Accessories, Power Coating Setup With Gun Booth And Oven, Radiumplotter And Cutter With Stand Complete Accessories 48, Sewing Machine - Single Needle Lock Stitch, Over Lock Machine 3 Thread, Zig Zag Multi Purpose Machine Max, Button Hole Machine, Welding Transformer With All Accessories 400A, Ocv 60-100 V, 60% Duty Cycle, Welding Transformer With All Accessories 300A, Ocv 60-100 V, 60% Duty Cycle, D.C Arc Welding Rectifiers Set Thyrister Type With All Accessories 400A. Ocv 60-100 V, 60% Duty Cycle, Gmaw Welding Machine 400A Capacity Inverter Type With Air Cooled Torch, Regulator, Gas Pre Heater, Gas Hose And Standard Accessories, Spot Welding Machine To 15Kva With All Accessories, Ac, Dc Gtaw Welding Machine With Water Cooled Torch 300 A, Argon Regulator, Gas Hose, Water Circulating System And Standard Accessories, Air Plasma Cutting Equipment With All Accessories Capacity To Cut 25Mm Clear Cut, Air Compressor Suitable For Air Plasma Cutting System, Portable Gas Cutting Machine Capable Of Cutting Straight And Circular With All Accessories, Welding Plant Oxy – Acetylene Complete High Pressure, Oven, Electrode Drying 0 To 350°C, 10 Kg Capacity, Magnetic Particle Testing Kit

24 OCT2018
Central Government / Public Sector
Ref. No : 13988618 Tender Value : NA Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Ac Circuit Breaker Main Compressor 41A, Type-16 As Per Clw Specn.No.

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