30 MAY2018
 dharmapuri-tamil nadu
Ref. No : 13354338 Tender Value : NA Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap - A Range Centrifugal Machine 5 Nos With Ac Motors

3 JUL2018
Ref. No : 13684282 Tender Value : NA Sector : Metals And Minerals

Auction Sale Of Scrap Star Gear Tail Pinion T/C, 100 Nos, Scrap Radiater Assly Broken Alluminum L/L, 10, Stub Axle T/C, 05, Wheel Hub, Moter Parts M.Oil Filter. Diesel Filter.Air Filter.Gaskit, F.I.Pump Housing, Elf Pinion T/C, Banch Vice, Rocker Assly 1510 M, A.C. Head Assly T C, 50 Nos, Scrap A.C. Blower Assly Ac Bus, Self Pinion T C, 100, Tape Record Broken, A.C. Blower Assly Ac Bus, Cluth Plate Assly For Car, Disc Plate For Presser Plate, Pop Rivet Machine Old, Stator For Altenater Old, Cylinder Liner Old, Pressure Plate L/L, Motor Parts Hanger, Bracket, Shackel Pin, Bus Body Iron Screp, Used Batteries/Lead Acid Batteries/Lead Acid Cells & Lead Scrap, Pressure Plate Old For Car, 20 Nos, Scrap Connecting Rod, Water Pump Assly, E. Ticketing Machine, Spring Leaf Asstt, Engine Piston W/Out Pin, Coach Fan, Ubber Dust & Pieces, Used, Black Vulcanising Cement, Etc, Empty Barrel Capacity Of 210 Ltr Closed Mouth, Water Pump Fan Plastice Old, U/S, Moter Parts M.Oil Filter, Moter Parts M.Oil Filter, Empty Barrel Capacity Of 210 Ltr Closed Mouth, Empty Barrel Capacity Of 210 Ltr Closed Mouth, Tyre 7.50 X 16 Old Serviseable, Couring Bag, Empty Barrel Capacity, Water Pump Fan Broken Plastic, Moter Parts M.Oil Filter. Diesel Filter, Used Spent/Burnt Oil/Used Lube Oil/Used Engine Oil, Empty Barrel Capacity Of 182 Kg, Mpty Barrel Capacity, Couring Bag 9.00 X 20, 105 Nos, Scrap Couring Enlape 40 X 18, Used Spent/Burnt Oil/Used Lube Oil/Used Engine Oil, Tyre 7.50 X 16 Old

7 JUN2018
Central Government / Public Sector
Ref. No : 13495282 Tender Value : NA Sector : Textile

Disposal Of Obsolete And Unserviceable Stores As Scrap Materials - Steel, M S And Wooden Materials - Steel Cupboard, Wooden Cupboard, Rack - M, S. Material - Only Front Side Open, Broken Chair Wooden/Metal, Table Wooden, Rack, Bench - Wooden, Office Automation Items - Tv, Ac, Oven, Zerox Machine, Type Writer, Fax Machine, Old Fused Tube Light Rod, Tube Liqht Fixture Fitting Double, Exhaust Fan, Ceilinq Fan With Blade, Bulked Fittinq Street Light, Haloqen Set, Capacitor, Socket Type Requlator, Modular Switch, Electrical Items - Door Bell, Anqle Holder, Normal Switch, Normal Socket, Tube Starter, All Tvpe Old Bulbs, Electronic Choke, Normal Choke, Combined Plate, Bio Requlator, Modular Requlator, Plumbinq Material - Pillar Cock, Jet Connector, Saifan, Foot Valve, Shower, Wash Basin Jali - Wash Coupling, Splndle, Jet Spray, Stop Cock, Commode Hinqis, Carpentry Material - Al Drop, Pvc Bearinq, Godrej Niqht Latch, Caster Wheel, Door Closure, Ped Lock, Channel Drawer, Miscellaneous Materials - Weighing Machine, Fire Extinquisher, Plastic Cans 15 Ltrs., Sintex Water Tank 300 Ltrs., Fiber Sheets - Pieces- Out Of Use, Stapler Small/Medium - Out Of Use, Punch Machinesmall/Medium - Out Of Use, Stamp Pad Small/Medium - Out Of Use, Calculator- Out Of Use, Scrap Material In Lot - Gas Tab And Requlators, Unusable Wooden Scrap In Pieces, Unusable Plastic Scrap In Pieces, Unusable Aluminum Scrap - Strip, Mesh Etc., Unusable Iron Scrap In Pieces, Stationery Related Material - Stapler, Punch Machine, Punch, Stamp Pad, Mosquito Hit Container, Air Freshener Container, Calculator, Door Bell, Staple Remover,

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