14 AUG2018
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 13962071 Tender Value : NA Sector : Power Plant

Procurement Of Spares For Ac 70 Compressors Of Ac System.

6 SEP2018
State Government
Ref. No : 13962854 Tender Value : 21.32 Lacs Sector : Education And Research Institutes

Supply Of Equipment Electrical Machine Laboratory – Oc And Sc Set Up Of Single Phase Transformer With Efficiency Regulation, Dc Motor Study Kit, Dc Series Motor, Dc Motor Generator Set With Panel, Digital Non Contract Tachometer, Lpf Watt Meter, Dc Supply, Wattmeter, Power Factor Single Phase, Rheostat 150 Ohms 3A, Variac Single Phase, Variac Three Phase, Universal Counter Trainer, 4 Bit Decade Counter Trainer Using 7490, Flip Flop Trainer Kit, Digital Ic Trainer Kit, 8 Line To I Line Multiplexer And Demultiplexer, Encoder And Decoder Trainder, Demorgons Theorem Verification Kit, Digital Ic Tester Cum Programmer, Set Of Ic 74Xxic And 40Xx Ic, Pn Junction And Zener Diode Kit, Characteristics Of Transistor, Half And Full Wave Bridge Rectifiers With Filters, Zener Diode Shunt Regulator Kit, Rc Coupled Amplifier Trainer, Hartley And Colpitt Oscillator, Rc Phase Shift Oscillator Trainer, Non Linear Wave Shaping Circuits Clippers And Clampers, Multivibrator, Function Generator, Series Voltage Regulator Kit, Cro, Linear Wave Shaping Lr And Cr Circuits, Lcr Series And Parallel Resonance With Ac Analog Meter, Time Constant Of Cr Circuit With Digital Meter, Rlc Circuit For Series Parallel, Star Connection Trainer, Delta Connection Trainer, Kirchoffs Law Trainer With Meter, Thevenins Theorem Trainer, Nortons Theorem Trainder, Maximum Power Transfer Theorem Trainer, Reciprocity Theorem Trainer, Super Position Theorem Trainer, Portable Voltmeter, Portable Ammeter, Lamp Load, 3.75 Digit Digital Multi Meter Auto Range, Dc Power Supply, Advanced Coil Winding Machine, Coil Windig Machine, Mcb And Hrc Fuse Testing System, Batter Charger, Taparia Home Tool Kit, Board Cutter Machine, External Bearing Puller Kit, Internal Bearing Puller Kit, Crimping Tool, Standard Wire Gauge, Choke Coil Winding Machine, Magnetism, Electromagnestism And Transformer Application Panel, Dc Wave Shaping Circuits, Electricity Application Trainer, Electrical Voltage I Current I Energy I Watt Measurement And Calibration Trainer, Kelvin Bridge Industrial, Wheatstone Bridge Portable, 3 Phase Sequence Indictor And Study Experimental Panel, Earth Tester 3 Terminal Type, 1Kv Megger, Digital Clamp Meter, 2.5 Kv Digital Insulation Tester, Ct And Pt, Calibration Of Voltmeter And Ammeter By Dc Potentiometer, Lcr Q Meter, Cable Fault Locator Study Trainer, Transmission Line Training System, 3 Phase Sequence Indictor

16 AUG2018
State Government
 new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 13951548 Tender Value : 9.75 Lacs Sector : Water Supply And Drainage

Repair And Maintenance Of Sewerage System In Kishan Ganj Ward Sadar Bazar Ac-19

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