6 AUG2018
Central Government/Public Sector
 new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 13863624 Tender Value : 7.69 Lacs Sector : Civil Work

Renovatation Maintenance Of E Hall Sh Networking Equipments Like Network Switch, Liu, Jack Panels, Wifi Access Points And Miscellaneous Etc.

8 AUG2018
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 13811821 Tender Value : 40.40 Lacs Sector : Scientific Research/Instruments

Supply Of Access Switch, Distribution Switch, Connectors, Cables And Accessories, Iv Oem Warranty And Support

9 APR2018
Central Government/Public Sector
 indore-madhya pradesh
Ref. No : 13092870 Tender Value : NA Sector : Scientific Research/Instruments

Supply Of 48 Port Access Switch

6 FEB2018
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 12684789 Tender Value : NA Sector : Printing Work

Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract Of It Infrastructure-It Service Support Staff, 1 Gb Ram Ddr-Iii, 2 Gb Ram Ddr-Iii, 4 Gb Ram Ddr-Iii, 1 Gb Ram Ddr-Ii, 2 Gb Ram Ddr-Ii, 4 Gb Ram Ddr-Ii, 1 Gb Ram Ddr-I, 2 Gb Ram Ddr-I, 8 Gb Ram- Ddr3 Desktop, 8 Gb Ram- Ddr4 Desktop, Processor Cpu Dual Core, Processor Cpu Core I3, Processor Cpu Core I5, Amd Processor, Motherboard Supporting Dual, Core, Motherboard Supporting Core I3, Motherboard Supporting Core I5, Amd Motherboard, I7 Processor Motherboards, P-Vi Fan, Dual Core Fan, Core I3 Fan, I7 Fan, Core I5fan, Amd Fan, Harddisk 1 Tb, Mouse Usb, Mouse Ps2, Keyborad Usb, Keyborad Ps2, Caninet Atx, Lcd And Led Display/ 18.5, Smps Zeb, Smps Dell, Smps Hp, Smps Hcl, Iball Smps, Usb Hub, Blower, Taflone Jelly, Graphic Card, Wi-Fi Usb Adaopter, Cmos Battery, Mouse Pad, Usb Cable, Sata Cable, Vga Cable, Power Cable, Lan Card Desktop, Vga Card For Desktop, Spike, Card Reader, Hdmi Cable, Ps2 To Usb Connector, Wireless Keyborad Mouse, Dmp Rd-Bd Assembly, Dmp Printer Rod, Dmp Pfr Gear -Ii, Dmp Pfr Gear -I, Dmp Platten Gear, Dmp, Tractor Unit, Dmp Head Cable, Dmp Ribbon Mask, Dmp Bd Pully, Dmp Printer Knobe, Dmp Power Supply, Clutch Gear, Paper Pickup Senser, Logic Card, Printer Usb Cable, Doctor Blade, Taflone Sheet Normal, Taflone Sheet Matelic, Pressure Roller, Drum, Formatter Card, Magnetic Rod, Pickup Roller, Fuser Thermister, Moter Gear, Dc Controller Board, Scanner Assembly, Scanner Lamp, Scanner Belt, Scanner Moter, Main Moter Assembly, Laser Jet Power Supply, Laptop Adapter, Laptop Keypad, Laptop Touchpad, Laptop Screen, Laptop Wi-Fi Card, Nw Card For Laptop, Laptop Lan Card/ Usb To Lan, Connector, Laptop Battery, Laptop Display Cable, Laptop Motherboard, Laptop Hdd 1Tb, Laptop Ram 4 Gb, Laptop Hinge, Laptop Speakers, Ups Dc Controller Card 3 Kva, Ups Dc Controller Card 6 Kva, Ups Power Supply 3 Kva, Ups Power Supply 6 Kva, Ups Battery 600 Va, Ups Battery 12V 26Ahsmf Vrla Battery, Utp Patch Chord 1 Mtr., Utp Patch Chord 2 Mtr., Utp Patch Chord 3 Mtr., Lan Connector Rj-45 Per Unit Cat-6 Cable Utp Per Mtr, Dlink Switch 8 Port 10/100 Per Unit Unma, Switch 8 Port 10/100/1000 Per Unit Unman, Dlink Switch 24 Port 10/100/1000 Per Uni, Dlink Switch 24 Port 10/100 Per Unit Unm, Cisco Rps, Cisco Router, Patch Panel 24 Port, Information Outlet Cat 6 Each, With Gan, Cassing 30 X 25 Mm 1 Per Mtr, Cassing 40 X 25 Mm 2 Per Mtr, Pvc Conduit 32 Mm 1.25 Per Mtr, Pvc Conduit 40 Mm 1.75 Per Mtr, Wi-Fi Access Point Dlink, Media Converter Sm 10/100, Media Converter Mm 10/100, Media Converter Sm 10/100/1000, Media Converter Mm 10/100/1000, Sfp Module Cisco, Ofc 6 Core Indoor/Outdoor Cable Mm Per, Ofc 6 Core Indoor/Outdoor Cable Sm Per, Optical Fiber Connector Mm, Optical Fiber Connector Sm, Optical Fiber Pigtail Mm, Optical Fiber Pigtail Sm, Optical Fiber Patch Cord, Mm 3 Mtr, Optical Fiber Patch Cord, Sm 3 Mtr, 24 Port Liu With Coupler Mm, 24 Port Liu With Coupler Sm, 12 Port Liu With Coupler, Gi Pipe Per Mtr., 2# Inches Diameter Hdpe Pipe Per Mete, 1# Inches Diameter Hdpe Pipe Per Mete, Network Accessories Flexible Pipe, In Rol, Network Accessories Rowal Plug, Network Accessories Ferrul Pack, Network Accessories Cable Tie.

5 FEB2018
Central Government/Public Sector
 chennai-tamil nadu
Ref. No : 12675036 Tender Value : NA Sector : Scientific Research/Instruments

Supply Of Industrial Grade Access Switch

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