28 MAY2018
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 13337742 Tender Value : NA Sector : Services

Supply Of Stationery Items And Printing Of Forms, Registers - Rulled Paper Best Quality, Plain Paper Best Quality, Use And Throw Ball Pen Best Quality, Pen Jetter- Blue, Red, Green, Black Best Quality, Register No.2 Rulled With Name And Logo On The Cover Best Quality, Stepler Big Kangaroo, Stepler Pin, Paper Pin, James Clip Best Quality, Oak Dispatch Register No.-10 With Name And Logo On The Cover Best Quality, Carbon Blue Kores, Attendance Register With Name And Logo On The Cover Best Quality, File Board Best Quality, Poker With Plastic Handle Best Quality, File Tag 9 Best Quality, Gum Bottle Bigkores/Camel, Gum Bottle Smallkores/Camel, Stamp Pad Big Fibrecristle- Blue, Tumbleryera, Vim Powder, Naphthalene Ball Big Best Quality, Phenyls5 Litter Jar Best Quality, Cloth Duster24x 24 Best Quality, Room Spray Best Quality, Slip Pad/ Chit Pad Best Quality, Xerox Paper Century, Eraz-Ex Best Quality, Paper Weight Best Quality, White Envelope- I Ox 4.5 Plane, Cloth Envelope-8X12 Best Quality, Cloth Envelope -1 Ox 14 Best Quality, Cloth Envelope-12 X 18 Best Quality, Dust Binbest Quality, Short Hand Note Book, Pencil, Coconut Broom, Grass Broom, Computer File With Office Name & Logo, Calculator, Brown Tape, Transpar, Ent Tape, Lamination Roll, Cfl 30Watt Best Quality Spiral, Tube Light Set Tube Light, Cloth Envelope 12X 1 O, Stamp Pad, Stick Pad, Led Bulb 6/9 Watt, Led Tube Light 6/9 Watt, Gum Stick / Fevi Stick, Plastic Thin Rope, Scale - Small, Eraser, Scissors, Paper Cutter, Lah, Soap/Paper Soap/ Liquid Soap, Marker Pen, Sketch Pen, Whitener, Marking Cloth - White Per Meter, White Suta Saphead Suta, Harpic / Toilet Cleaner, Mop, Paper Punching Machine, Highlighter, Legal Paper, Uniball Pen, Meeting/Noting Pad, Pen Drive 8Gb, Cd 100 Pcs. Best Quality, Cd Mailer Best Quality, Dot Matrix Cartridge Tvs Big, Cartridge Hp 16A, Data Cartridge Hp 160Gb Data Cartridge C80 I I A, Lipi Line Printer Cartridge 63 L 2L, Cannon Cartridge 337, H.P Cartridge Cf -230, Quick Hill Total Security - Antivirus 10+User, Xerox M/C Toner Npg-28, Computer Paper- I0xl2xl With Logo 70 Gsm, Receipt Slip Claim, Notice Show Cause, Notice Uis 7 A, Appendix-C, Adjournment Notice Uis 7 A, Performa For Ret.-F/19, Loc & Lod, Visitor Slip, Letter Pad Big, Draft Sheet, 1St Page Note Sheet, Ilnd Page Note Sheet, Window Envelope, Plain Envelope, Fly Leaf, Descriptive Roll,, Transfer Out Forwarding, Notice Uis 14B, Ta & Da Bill Form, A.D. Card, Daily Order Sheet, Cp-1, Cp~25, Forwarding Of Cp-25, Cp-27, 8F Double Page, Demand Defaulter, Rrc Certificate, Re-Credit Letter, Demand Close Letter, Summon, Cp-2 Both, L.T.C. Form, Tuition Fee Re-Imbursement Performa, Permission Perform A Adm, Branch Tr. Performappo, Cp-23, L.T.C. Form, Tuition Fee Re-Imbursement Performa, Permission Perform A Adm, Branch Tr. Performappo, Bank Tr. Performappo, Call Ppo Performa, Widow Pension Conversion Performa Ppo, Member Reply Performa Ppo, Call Photograph, Descriptive Roll, Etc, Performa Ppo, Voucher Performa Ppo, Bank Balance Performa Cash, Cheque Issue Advice Of A/C-2 Cash, Dd/Cheque Sending To Bank Performa Cash, Submission For Return Performa Account, Demand Collection, P.F. Withdrawal Perfonna, P.F. Advance Performa, Tour Programmer Eb, Inspection Report Sent To Unexampled, /Factory Performa Eo, Bill Register- I So Pages, Amount Remitted & Date Remittance, Register Eb, Assessments Under - Section- L 4B, Registereb, Stock Register-150 Pages, Spf Register-200 Pages Big Volume, Composite Claim Form Non Aadhar, Form No. 681Bd Annex-Iii, Service Book, Cash Book Ale 11 Cash, Vdr Register, Plastic Coated Computer File Big, Plastic Coated Computer File Small, I0xl2, Office Calendar A4 Size, Office Calendar Small Three Fold, Office Letter Head Colour, Visiting Card.

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