22 OCT2018
Co-operative balod-chhattisgarh
Ref. No : 14366714
10/10/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Sugar

Supply Of Brix Hydrometer, Glass With Thermometer, Calibrated At 27.5 Degree C With Npl Certificate. Range 0° - 10° Bx Range 10° - 20° Bx Range 20° - 30° Bx Pen Type Ph Meter Digital Volumetric Flask 100 Ml, Narrow Mouth With Stopper & One Mark, Glass Volumetric Flask 250 Ml, Narrow Mouth With Stopper & One Mark, Glass Borosilicate Glass Burate Reagent Bottels Rack Three Stories Rubber Pipet Bulb Mortar And Pestle Burate Support With Clump Borosilicate Glass Pipet 100 Ml Borosilicate Glass Pipet 50 Ml Borosilicate Glass Pipet 25 Ml Borosilicate Glass Pipet 10 Ml Borosilicate Glass Pipet 5 Ml Wash Bottel 1 Lit. Cap. Borosilicate Glass Burate Conical Flask 250 Ml, Glass Borosilicate Glass Test Tube 150 Mm Length X 10 Mmdia Borosilicate Glass Test Tube 150 Mm Length X 20 Mmdia Measuring Cylinder 500 Ml, P.T.F.E. Measuring Cylinder 1000 Ml, P.T.F.E. Borosilicate Glass Biker 50 Ml Borosilicate Glass Biker 100 Ml Borosilicate Glass Biker 250 Ml Jugs Enameled With Handle, Capacity 1 Ltr Nylon Brush For Test-Tube Cleaning Tds Meter Hi 70032P Calibration Solution. Boiler Water Test Kit Rubber Hand Glooves Laboratory Use Appron For For Laboratory Analysis Sodium Hydraoxide Pellets Naoh-40.00 Edta Solution N/50 Eriochrome Black T C20h12n3nao7s Bromothymal Blue Indicator Gr C27h28br2o5s Acetic Acid Glacial Ch3cooh Amonium Buffer Solution Levoline Con. Hcl, Sp.Gr. 1.18 Con. H2so4, Sp. Gr. 1.84 Uranium Acetate Lead Acetate Basic Anhydrous Lead Sub Accetate Extra Pure Ch3coo2 Pb.Pboh Absolute Alcohol 99.9 % Pure 500 Ml Bottle Universal Ph Indicator Solution, 500 Ml Bottle Fehlings Solution A Fehlings Solution B Ammonium Hydrate Powder, Lr Sodium Acetate Powder, Lr Buffer Tablets Ph 4.0 Buffer Tablets Ph 7.0 Penciline Injection, Impluse40 Lac Ph Meter Digital With Combined Electrode. Ph Range 0-14 Temperature 20-80° C. Portable Beaume Spindle S Hydrometer, Bross, Gdr Make, Range 0-10 Pan Sample Checking Glass Size- 50 Mm X 75 Mm X 5 Mm Plain Glass Sugar Dust Collector Digital Moisture Analyzer For Bagasse High-Efficiency Flooring Hef Colour Black, Thickness 1.1 Mm Floor Size 70M X 30M . Rate Per Square Metre Refilable Parmanent Marker Colour-Black Or Blue Rohs & Elv Compliant Ink Conforms To En17/3, Non Toxic Bamboo Mat For Sugar Godown Floor Size- 70X30 Meter, Rate Per Square Meter Cemical Dosing Pump Capacity-0-30 Lph, Working Temp.- 5-100 ºc, Working Pressure Max. - 3Kg/Cm², Stroke Frequency-400 Spm, Double Ball Nrv Sight Glass Size-120Mm Dia X 12 Mm Thk. For Max. Temp 500°C Condensate Receiver Sight Glass Strip Small As Per Sample Pan & Evap. Light & Sight Glass Size Ø 200X20mm Strip, As Per Sample

15 OCT2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector raipur-chhattisgarh
Ref. No : 14260922
9/25/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Annual Rate Contract Of Consumable Items - Nutrient Agar, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Mac Conkey Agar, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Mueller Hinton Agar, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Cled Agar With Andrade Indicator, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Tcbs, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Dca, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Xld Agar, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Peptone, Buffered Glucose Broth, Robertson Cooked Media, Simmon Citrate Agar, Make:, Himedia/Sigma-, Aldrich/Oxoid, Urea Agar Base, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Urea A.R, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Triple Sugar Iron Agar, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Phenyl Alanine Agar, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Steam Indicator Tape, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, L-Lysine, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Ornithine, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, L-Arginine, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Decarboxylase Moeler Broth, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Phenol Red Broth Base, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Nutrient Broth, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Mr Indicator, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Kovac Indole Reagent, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Hidiso Bag – 12 No., Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Biological Indicator Geobacillussterarothermophlius Ampule, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Ferric Chloride Anhydrous, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Hydro Chloric Acid, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sulphuric Acid, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sodium Hypochloride Solution 10%, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Formaldehyde 37-41%, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Potassium Hydroxide Flakes, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Phenol Crystal, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sodium Chloride, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sodium Hydroxide Pellets, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Xylene, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Ethanol, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Barium Chloride, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Acetone, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Solvent For Spirit Lamp, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Dpx Mountant, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Gram Stain Kit, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Acid Fast Stain Kit, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Albert Stain, Kit, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Andred Indicator, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, N, N Dimethyl ?- Napthalamine Solution, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Bile Esculinazide Agar, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Of Basal Media, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Mackonkey Broth Double Strength, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Mackonkey Broth Single Strength, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sulphanilic Acid, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Zinc Dust- None, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Brain Heart Infusion Broth, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Fluid Thioglycolate Broth, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Selenite F Broth Twin Pack, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Tween 80, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Mannitol Motility Test Medium, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Paraffin Liquid Light, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Agar Agar Type I, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Potassium Tellurite Medium, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Thayer Martin Medium Base, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Gc Supplement W/Antibiotics, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Haemoglobin Powder, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Dnase Test Agar, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Nutrient Gelatin, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Todd- Hewitt Broth, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Pyr Broth, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Hydrogen Peroxide 30%, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Di Potassium Hydrogen Phosphate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Potassium Nitrate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Acetic Acid Glacial, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Tetramethyl-P- Phenylenediamine Di Hydrochloride, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Dimethyl Sulphoxide, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sodium Deoxycholate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sodium Taurocholate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sodium Hippurate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Lead Acetate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Bromo Thymol Blue, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Bromo Cresol Purple, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Phenol Red, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Pyr Reagent, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Crystal Violet, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Ammonium Oxalate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Iodine Crystal, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Potassium Iodide, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Safranin O, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Basic Fuschin, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Methylene Blue, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Toluidine Blue, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Malachite Green, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Vcn Supplement, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Glycerol, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, N-Acetyl L- Cystine, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Ninhydrin, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sheep Blood Agar Plate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Chocolate Agar Plate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Lj Slant, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Lj Slant With Pnb, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Potassium Hydrogen Phosphate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Dipotassium Hydrogen Phosphate, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Caustic Soda Pelletnaoh, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Fluroscent Stain Kit, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Brucella Vitamin K1blood Agar, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Sterile Vitamin K Solution-10 Mcg/Ml, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Camplyobacter Agar Base, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Campylobacter Supplement-I, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Campylobacter Supplement-Iii, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci Agar Base, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid, Vancomycin Supplement, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid Meropenem Supplement, Make: Himedia/Sigma-Aldrich/Oxoid,

24 SEP2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector maligaon-assam
Ref. No : 14201972
9/18/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : NA 0.00 Sector : Railway Transport

Supply Of Reagent Kit For Uric Acid Liquid Stable, Per Ml Per Test, Per Pak

20 SEP2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector hisar-haryana
Ref. No : 14146121
9/8/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 18.50 Lacs 1850000.00 Sector : Security Services

Procurement Of Medicines- Cap Amoxycillin 500 Mg Cap Gabapentin 300 Mg Cap Itraconazole 100 Mg Tab Acarabose 25Mg Tab Aceclofenac Sr 100Mg Tab Acetazolamide 250Mg Tab Aldomet Methyldopa 250 Mg Tab Amlopress -At 5/50 Mg Tab Amoxycilline +Clavulanine Acid 225Mg Augmentine 1Gm Tab Amoxycilline + Clavulanine Acid 625Mg Augmentine Tab Ascorbic Acid 500Mg Tab Atorvastatin 20Mg Tab Azithromycine 250Mg Tab Azithromycine 500Mg Tab Bifilac Prebiotic & Probiotic Tab Carvedilol 6.25Mg Tab Cipzox Diclofenic Sod 50Mg + Pcm 500Mg + Clhorozoxazone 200Mg Tab Dabigartan 150Mg Tab Diltiazem 60Mg Sr Tab Diltiazem 90Mg Tab Ditide Benzathiazide + Trimterene Tab Disprin 350Mg Tab Enalapril 2.5Mg Tab Enalapril 5Mg Tab Etoricoxib 120Mg Tab Glimpride 1Mg Tab Glimpride 1Mg+ Metformin 500Mg +Pioglitazone 15Mg Tab Glimpride 2Mg Tab Glucosamine 250Mg + Condrotin 200Mg Rejoint Tab Glucosamine 500Mg Tab Hydroxyurea 500 Mg Tab Indapamide Sr 1.5Mg Tab Levetiracetam 500Mg Tab Levo-Cetirizine 5 Mg Tab Levodopa + Carbidopa 250Mg Tab Linagliptin 5 Mg Tab Linezolid 600 Mg Tab Losartan 50Mg Tab Medroxy Progesteron 10 Mg Tab Metformin 500Mg + Glimpride 2Mg Tab Methylcobalamine 1500Mg Tab Methylcobalamine 500Mcg Tab Montelukast + Levocetrizine Tab Nicorandill 10Mg Tab Nortriptylline 25 Mg Tab Olmezest Beta 50 Mg Olmesartan 20 Mg + Metoprolol 50 Mg Tab Omeprazole 20 Mg Tab Omeprazole + Domperidone Tab Pantoprazole 40Mg Tab Pantoprazole 40Mg + Domperidone 10Mg Tab Paracetamol 500Mg Tab Phenytoin Sodium 300 Mg Tab Prednisolone 20 Mg Tab Pregaboline + Mehtylcobalamine Tab Propranolol 40Mg Tab Pyridoxine Vit B6 40Mg Tab Rabeprazole + Domperidone Tab Ramelteon 8 Mg Tab Septran Ds Tab Spironolactone 25Mg Tab Sildnafil Citrate 50Mg Tab Sulphasalazine 1000Mg Tab Sulphasalazine 500Mg Tab Syndropa Cr 250Mg Tab Telma40 + Amlodipine 5Mg Tab Telmaisartan 40 Mg Tab Tranexamic Acid 500 Mg Inj Adenosine Inj Albumin 20 % Inj Amikacine 500Mg Inj Amoxycilline+Pottasium Clavulanate 1.2Gm Inj Phenaramine Meleate Inj Benzathine Penicellin 1.2 Lakh Penidure Inj Bupivacaine 0.5% Heavy Amp Of 4Ml Inj Cefotaxime 1 Gm Inj Ceftriaxone 1 Gm Inj Dicyclomine 20Mg Inj Enoxaparin 40Mg /0.4 Ml Inj Enoxaprine 60 Mg/0.6 Ml Inj Esmolol Inj Glargine Pen Insulin Inj Insulin Determir Pen Of 300 Iu Inj Iron Sucrose Inj Labetalol 100 Mg Inj Lignocaine 2% Plane Inj Lyophiliseal Polyvaleut Enzymeanti Snake Venoum Inj Magnisium Sulphate Inj Nor Adrenaline Inj Paracetamol 150 Mg/Ml Inj Paracetamol Iv Use Pcm Infusion 1 Gm Inj Phenytoin Sodium Inj Piperacilline + Tazobactum Tazact 4.5 Gn Inj Pottasium Chloride Kcl Inj Tranexamic Acid 500Mg/Ml Inj Triptoreline 3.75 Mg Inj Vacuronium Bromide Inj Atracurium Inj Vitcofol Drop Dicyclomine + Mefenemic Drop Domeperidone Drop Iron Paed Drop Paracetamol Drops Multivitamins 15Ml Muccaine Gel Syp Shri Tulsi Imc Stevia Fos Imc Syp Alkasol Disodium Syp Asthalin Salbutamol Bott Of 100Ml Syp Cetrizine Syp Combiflam Paracetamol + Ibuprofen Syp Cyproheptadine Syp Dicyclomine Syp Digiene Syp Iron Syp Levocetrizine + Montelukast Syp Norflox + Metronidazole Syp Tixylix E/D Carboxy Methyl Cellulose 0.5% E/D Moxifloxacine + Dexamethasone Nasal Spray Azelastine Nasal Spray Baclate Beclomethasone Nasal Spray Fluticasone Nasal Spray Fluticasone With Azelastine Duonase Nasal Spray Mometasone Normal Saline Drops For Nasal Use Syringe 10Ml Syringe 2Ml Syringe 3Ml Syringe 5Ml Gloves Sterile S-6.5 Surgecare Gloves Sterile S-7 Surgecare Gloves Sterile S-7.5 Surgecare Amyale Alcohol Anti Hg Blood Culture Bottle Brass L Moulde For Histo Path Block Making Castte For Tissue Processing Histo Path Ckmb Erba Eosin Stain Powder Erba Microprotein Kit Ethyl Alcohol Ethanol Gram Stain Ready To Use Stain H2so4 Sulphuric Acid Hbsag Elisa Hbsag Rapid Hcl Hydrochloric Acid Hcv Elisa Hcv Rapid Hiv Elisa Hiv Rapid Ldh Lieca High Profile.Microtum Blade Lithium Carbonate Powder For Lab Use Mgg Stain For Histo Path Micro Albumin Micro Cover Glass Size 22X50mm Milk Anaiysis Garber Tube Cap Milk For Chemical Analysis Test Kit National Dairy Development Kit Parafin Wax 60-62 C Block Form Nice Chem Pvt.Ltd Pas Stain Qdx Feritin Insta Check Qdx Insta Check Micro Albumin Qdx Insta Check Psa Qdx Insta Check Ts4 Qdy Insta Check Ts4 Ra Factor Rapid Pap Stain 250Gm Reagent Hba1c P-5010 Troponium T. Strips Trop T Vaccutainer Sodium Fluride Vacutainer Edta Xylen Zn Stain Ready To Use Stain Glucostrip One Touch Select Glucostrips For Glucometer One Touch Ultra Bott Of 50 Strips Asthalin Respules Calciteral Sachet Hepamerz Sachet Isapgol/Ispaghula Husk 3.5Gm Lot Clalamine Glycerine Bott Of 100Gm Adult Diapers Pkt Of 10 Diapers Blood Transfusion Set Heel Cushion Full Size Foot Pigtail Catheter Fosstevia Herbal Sweetener Patanjali Isabgol Husk Pack Of 100 Gm Mouth Wash Colgate Plax Zandu Nityam Tablet Salmon Omega - 3 Soft Gel Amway Tab Telmisartan + Amlodipine 40/05

14 SEP2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector panagarh-west bengal
Ref. No : 14134985
9/7/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 25.00 Lacs 2500000.00 Sector : Security Services

Procurement Of Medical Store Items- Film X Ray 10 X 8 Ecg Paper Roll Cardiart 108T/Df Size 44Mm X 50Mm X 20 Mtr Bpl Ecg Paper For Cardiart 9108 D Bpl Tweleve Channel Z Fold Paper Cyclosporin 100Mg Tab Supra Pubic Catheter Size 18/16 Reload Of 55 Mm Staplers Reload Of 75 Mm Staplers Camera Cover In Laproscopes Laproscopic Bipolar Cautary Lid Laproscopic Loop Knot Abdominal Drain Tube 28Fr Abdominal Drain Tube 30Fr Abdominal Drain Bags Prolene Mesh 6X11cm Ligating Clip No-300 Ligating Clip No-400 Colostomy Bag 50Mm Colostomy Paste Nylone 1/0 Cutting Nylone 2/0 Cutting Pds Loop No-1 Colostomy Base Plate Hand Gloves S-6.5 Sterile Hand Gloves S-7 Sterile Hand Gloves S-7.5 Sterile Hand Gloves S-8 Sterile Sterile Blood Lancet Methyllene Blue Stain Bott Of 500Ml Polysaccharide Typhoid Vaccine Singal Dose 0.5Ml Tuberculin Ppd For Montex Test Only Sterillium Bott Of 500Ml Paper Filter Square Pencil Marking Glass Drabkin Solution Hiv Rapid Test Hbsag Rapid Test Albumin Erba Kit Of 5X 50Ml Kit Cholesterol Erbakit Of 5 X 20Ml Kit Glucoseerba Kit Of 2 X 200Ml Kit Protein Erba Kit Of 5 X 50Ml Kit Uric Aciderba Kit Of 5 X 20Ml Creatine Kinase Kiterba Of 2 X10ml Kit Alkaline Phosphataseerba Of 5 X 20Ml Kit Sgoterba Of 5 X 20Ml Kit Sgpterba Pkt Of 5 X 20Ml Kit Triglyceride Erba Pkt Of 5 X 20Ml Kit Bilirubintotal & Direct Erba Of 4 X 60Ml Kit Amylaseerba 6 X 6Ml Pt Reagent Liquiplastin 1 X 5Ml Urea Kit Of 5 X 20Mlerba Calcium Kit Erba Of 2 X50ml Micro Protein Reagent Kit Erba Of 1 X 50Ml Ckmb Kit Erba Of 2 X 10Ml Pregnancy Test Kit Occult Blood Rapid Kit Grams Stain Kit 4 X 125Ml Tulip Glucose Pulv Urine Test Strips Bottle Of 100 Strips For Glucose And Protein Urine Test Strips Bottle Of 50 Strips For Glucose And Ketone G6pd Test Kit Qualitative - Haemo Pack Visual Method - Pack Of12 Test Hcv Rapid Test Leishman S Staining Solution Bott Of 500Ml Kit Creatinine Erba Of 4 X 60Ml Kit Hdl Cholesterolerba Of 2 X 50Ml Kit Ra Factor Kit Aso Titre Kit Crp Carbolic Acid Bott Of 500Ml Kit Dengue Ns1 & Igg, Igm Microscope Slides Size 26 X 76Mm Kit Widal Pkt Of 4 X 5Ml Kit Vdrl Pkt Of 50 Test Malaria Rapid Test Kit Anti Sera A Anti Sera B Anti Sera D Anti Sera Ahg Microtips 5 -50?lpkt Of 1000 Microtips 100- 1000?lpkt Of 1000 Typhoid Rapid Test Kit Disposable Petridish Urine Container Wide Mouth Swab Stick Sterile Meckonky Brothdouble Strength Meckonky Brothsingle Strength Sodium Chloride Solution Isotonic Plastic Bottle Of 500Ml Sodium Lactate Compound Solution Ringer Lactate 500Ml Bott Roller Bandage 6Cm

10 SEP2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector jammu-jammu and kashmir
Ref. No : 14119095
9/5/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 24.00 Lacs 2400000.00 Sector : Security Services

Supply Of Reagent Consumables - Nitrofurantoin, Norfloxacin, Novobiocin, Ofloxacin, Optochin, Coagulation Analyser, Oxacillin, Pap Stain Rapid Test And Kit, Paper Filter Square, Pas Stain, Penicillin, Peptone Water Media, Petri Dish Disposable, Ph Strips, Piperacillin, Pipracilin And Tozobactem, Polymixin B, Postmortem Kit, Potassium Di Hydrogen, Pt Control, Ra Factor, Rapid Test For Malaria, Reticulocyte Stain, Robonik Elisa Reader, Sabroid Agarfor Fungal Culture, Salmonella Igg, Sample Cup, Stain New Methyl Blue, Standard Plasma, Sterile Cottan Swab, Strips Albumin And Glucose, Teicoplanin, Tetra Methyl Para Phenyl Diamine Hydro Chloride, Tetracycline, Thyosulphate Citrate, Triglyceride, Triple Esbl Detection, Triple Sugar Iron, Trop I, Tropt, Uric Acid, Urine Culture, Urinometer, Whatman Filter Paper Round, Widal, Weilfelix Rapid Test, Vaccum Blood Collection Tubes, Liquor Formaldehyde, Glycerin, Liquid Paraffin, Glass Cover Microscope, Replaces Glass, Cover, Microscopic, Rectangular, Micropipettes Tips, Paper Filter Square, Slide Microscope Thickness, Sterile Needles, Xylene, Ethyl Alcohol, Strong Carbol Fuchsin Staining Solution, Cyanmethohaemoglobin, Pregnancy Kit, Fdp Latex Agglutition Test, Fibronogen Determination Reagent, Mackonky, Prothrombin, Pttk Reagent, Kits For Tumour Markers, L J Medium Slants, Chloroform, Elisa Test For Anti Ccp, Corn Meal, H2s Strips, Haemospot, Paraffin Wax Congealing Point, Cryo Tubes, Gram Stain, Vancomycin, Carbenicillin, Cotrimexazole, Blood Bag Triple

24 SEP2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector lucknow-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 14124250
9/5/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 60.00 Crore 600000000.00 Sector : Health Services/Equipments

Supply Of Medicines- Aecelofenac 200 Mg Afatinib Dimaleate 20 Mg Afatinib Dimaleate 30 Mg Afatinib Dimaleate 40 Mg Afatinib Dimaleate 50 Mg Aflibercept Al Transretenoic Acid Albandazole 10Ml. Albandazole 400Mg Albumin 20% 100Ml Albumin 20% 50Ml Albumin 20% 50Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 20% Low Salt 100 Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 20% Low Salt 50Ml, Bottle Albumin 20% Low Salt 50Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 25% 100Ml, Bottle Albumin 25% 100Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 25% 50Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 25% Low Salt 100 Ml, Bottle Albumin 25% Low Salt 100 Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 25% Low Salt 50Ml, Bottle Albumin 25% Low Salt 50Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 4.5% 100Ml, Bottle Albumin 4.5% 100Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 4.5% 250Ml, Bottle Albumin 4.5% 250Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 4.5% 500Ml, Bottle Albumin 4.5% 500Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 4.5% 50Ml, Bottle Albumin 4.5% 50Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 4.5% Low Salt 100 Ml, Bottle Albumin 4.5% Low Salt 100 Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 4.5% Low Salt 250Ml, Bottle Albumin 4.5% Low Salt 250Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 4.5% Low Salt 500Ml, Bottle Albumin 4.5% Low Salt 500Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 4.5% Low Salt 50Ml, Bottle Albumin 4.5% Low Salt 50Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 5% 100Ml Albumin 5% 100Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 5% 250Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 5% 500Ml, Bottle Albumin 5% 500Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 5% 50Ml Albumin 5% 50Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 5% Low Salt 100 Ml, Bottle Albumin 5% Low Salt 100 Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 5% Low Salt 250Ml, Bottle Albumin 5% Low Salt 250Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 5% Low Salt 500Ml, Bottle Albumin 5% Low Salt 500Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin 5% Low Salt 50Ml, Bottle Albumin 5% Low Salt 50Ml, Self-Collapsible Bag Albumin Strip For Protein Test Alectinib Capsules 150 Mg Alemtuzumab Alendronate Na + Cholce Calciferol 70/5600 Alendronate Sodium 10Mg Alendronate Sodium 35 Mg Alendronate Sodium 5 Mg Alendronate Sodium 70 Mg Alendronate Sodium Cholcalciferol 70/5600 Alfacalcidol 0.5Mcg Alfuzocin Hcl 10Mg Er Alfuzocin+Dutasteride Aliskiren 150Mg Aliskiren 300Mg Aliskiren+Amlodipine Aliskiren+Hydrochlorthiazide All Transretonic Acid 10Mg Allopurinol 100Mg Allopurinol 300Mg Alltransretinoic Acid Allumina+Magnesia+Simethicon 170Ml Alluminium Hydroxide+Simethicon+Magnicium Sulphate+Magnicium Sulphate+Magnisium Aluminium Silicate Allylestrenol 5Mg Aloevira + Vitamin E +Glycerin Alpha Calcidol + Calcium Carbonate Alpha Calcidol 0.1 Mcg Alpha Calcidol 0.25 Mcg Alpha Co Opta Activated Factor Vii A Alpha Galactosidase Alpha Ketoanalogue Alpha Ketoanalogue Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 Mg Alprazolam 0.25 Mg Alprazolam 0.50 Mg Alprazolam Propranolol Alprazolam With Melatonin Alprazolam+Isopropanol Alprostadil 500 Microgram Alteplase 20 Mg Alteplase 50 Mg Altramine 50Mg Alumunium Hydroxide Tab Alumunium Hydroxide Gel + Lignocane Amantadine 100 Mg Amastrazole 1Mg Ambroxel +Salbutamol Cough Syrup Ambroxel Cough Ambroxel Cough Syrup Plain Ambroxol Ambroxol + Terbutaline 100Ml Ambroxol Inhalation Ambroxol+Guaphenesin+Terbutalin Amifostine 500Mg Amikacin 100 Mg Amikacin 1Gm Barium Free Amikacin 250 Mg Amikacin 500 Mg Amiloride & Hcl Hydrochlorothiazide Amino Acid Amino Acid + Dextrose Product Should Be Sorbitol Free, All Types, Concentrations And Volumes Should Be Quoted Amino Acid +Dextrose +Lipid Product Should Be Sorbitol Free, All Types, Concentrations And Volumes Should Be Quoted Amino Acid 10% 50 Ml Amino Acid 10% With Eloectrolytes, 500 Ml Amino Acid 10% Without Eloectrolytes, 250 Ml Amino Acid Alone All Types, Concentrations And Volumes Should Be Quoted Amino Acid And Vitamin Amino Acid Vitamin Minerals Lycopene Amino Acid, Vitamins Minerals With Natural Antioxidants Amino Acid+Protein Amino Acid+Vitamin B Complex Amino Acids 10% 100 Ml Amino Acids 250Ml Amino Salicylic Acid 400 Mg Aminoglycosides Aminophylline 10Ml Aminophylline 250Mg Aminophylline 250Mg/2Ml Aminoplasma 100Ml For Infants Amiodarone 100Mg Amiodarone 200Mg Amiodarone 50Mg/Ml, 3Ml Amisulpride 100Mg Amisulpride 200Mg Amisulpride 50Mg/25 Mg Amitriptyline 50 Mg Amitryptiline 10Mg Amitryptiline 25 Mg Amitryptiline Hcl+ Chlordizapoxide Amitryptyline+Gabapentin Amlexanox Amlodipin + Losartan Pottasium Amlodipin + Metoprolol 5+50 Amlodipine + Indapamide Amlodipine 10Mg Amlodipine 2.5Mg Amlodipine 2.5Mg + Atenolol 25Mg Amlodipine 2.5Mg + Ramipril 2.5Mg Amlodipine 2.5Mg+Metoprolol 25Mg Amlodipine 5Mg Amlodipine 5Mg + Atenolol 50Mg Amlodipine 5Mg + Olmisartan 20Mg Amlodipine 5Mg + Olmisartan 40Mg Amlodipine 5Mg + Perindopril 4Mg Amlodipine 5Mg + Telmisartan 20Mg Amlodipine 5Mg + Telmisartan 40Mg Amlodipine 5Mg+ Ramipril 5Mg Amlodipine 5Mg+Chlorthiazide 12.5Mg Amlodipine 5Mg+Losartan 50Mg Amlodipine+Chlorthalidone Amlodipine+Lisnopril Ammonia Soln. 25% 500Ml Ammonium Lactate Lotion 12% Amonium Lactate 12% Amorolfine 5% Amorphoos Hydrogel Colloidal Silver 50Gm Amorphous Silver Alginate Matrix Paste 15Gm Amoxy+Cloxacillin 250+250 Amoxycillin 125Mg Dt Amoxycillin 500Mg+Cloxacillin 500 Mg Amoxycillin+Clavanic Acid 228.5Mg Amoxycilline 250 Mg. Amoxycilline 30Ml Amoxycilline 500Mg Amoxycilline 60Ml Amoxycilline 750Mg + Tinidazole 500Mg +Omeprazole 20Mg, Kit Amphotericin B Crystalline Amphotericin- B Liposomal Gel Amphotericin- B Liposomal Iv 10Mg Amphotericin- B Liposomal Iv 25Mg Amphotericin- B Liposomal Iv 50Mg Amphotericin B With Fat Emulsion 50Mg Amphotericine B 10Mg Amphotericine B 25Mg Amphotericine B 50Mg Amphotericine B Colloidal 10Mg Amphotericine B Colloidal 25Mg Amphotericine B Colloidal 50Mg Amphotericine B Lipid Complex 100Mg Amphotericine B Lipid Complex 10Mg Amphotericine B Lipid Complex 25 Mg Amphotericine B Lipid Complex 50 Mg Ampicillin + Cloxacilline 30Ml Ampicillin + Cloxacilline 60Ml Ampicillin + Sulbactum Ampicillin 250Mg+Sulbactum 125Mg Ampicillin + Sulbactum 375Mg Ampicillin 250Mg+Sulbactum 125Mg Ampicillin 250+Cloxacilline 250Mg Ampicillin 250+Cloxacilline 250Mg Ampicillin 250Mg Ampicillin 250Mg Ampicillin 250Mg/500 Ampicillin 250Mg/500 Ampicillin 500Mg Ampicillin 500Mg Ampicillin+Sulbactum 375 Mg Ampicillin 250 Mg + Sulbactum 125 Mg Anastrazole 1Mg Anesthetic Antacid 120 Ml Anidulafungin Ant + Mv + Multivitamin + Mineral + Methylcobalamine+ Carbohydrate+Protein+Sugar/Fat, Vitamin C, B, B2+Vit E + Folic Acid Ant + Mv + Multivitamin + Mineral + Methylcobalamine+ Carbohydrate+Protein+Sugar/Fat, Vitamin C, B, B2+Vit E + Folic Acid 200 Ml Antacid 170 Ml All Flavour Anti D 250 Mcg Anti D 300 Mcg Monoclonel Anti D 300 Mcg Polyclonel Anti D 50 Mcg Mono Anti D 50 Mcg Poly Anti Hairfall Serum 60 Ml Anti Human Lymphocyte Immunoglobulin Horse 100 Mg Anti Human Lymphocyte Serum 5Ml Anti Human Thymocyte Immunoglobulin Anti Rabbies Immunoglobin Anti Rabbies Vaccine Anti Rhd 1000Mcg Anti Rhd 300 Mcg Monoclonel Anti Rhd 300 Mcg Polyclonel Anti Rho D Immunoglobulin 1000Mcg/5000 Iu Anti Snake Venum Polyvalent Antihemorridol+Steriode Anti-Human T-Lymphocyte Immunoglobulin From Rabbits 100 Mg/5 Ml Antioxidant Plain Antioxidant + Multivitamin Antioxident + Multivitamin + Minerals Antiseptic / Antibiotic Ointment / Cream For Bed Sore / Wound Care All Types, Chemical Composition, Concentrations And Pack Volumes To Be Quoted Antiseptic Tulle Grass Dressing 10X10cm Large Antiseptic Tulle Grass Dressing 10X10cm Small Apixaban 2.5Mg Apixaban 5Mg Apixaben 2.5 Mg Apixaben 5 Mg Apomorphine 2Mg Apomorphine 4Mg Apremilast 10 Mg Apremilast 30 Mg Aprepitant 125Mg Aprepitant 80Mg Aprotinine 10000Kiu/Ml 50Ml Arbutin + Kojic A + Glycolic Acid Arbutin + Kojic A + Glycolic Acid Argatroban 250Mg/2.5Ml Arginine 10% Arginine Sachets Aripiprazole 10Mg Aripiprazole 15Mg Aripiprazole 20Mg Aripiprazole 5Mg Arsenic Trioxide 10 Mg Artemether Artemether Artemether + Lumifantine Artesunate+Amodiaquine Artesunate+Mefloquine Artether Artificial Saliva Artificial Saliva Artificial Saliva Artisunate Artisunate 50 Mg Artisunate Ds Kit Ascorbic Acid 60Mg Biotin 300 Mcg Folic Acid 10 Mg Methylcobalamin 1500 Mcg Niacinamide 20 Mg Pantothenic Acid 10 Mg Pyridoxine Hydrochloride 20 Mg Riboflavine 3 Mg Thiamine Hydrochloride 2 Mg Aspart /Degludec 30/70 Flextouch And Penfill Aspart 3Mg/300 Ml Aspirin Delayed Release Aspirin+Clopedogerol+Atorvastatin 75+75+10 Aspirin+Clopidogrel+Rosavastatin 75+75+10Mg Aspirin+Dipyridamole Asprin + Glycine Asprin Delayed Release Ds Atazanavir Sulphate 300Mg & Ritonavir 100 Mg Atenolol + Chlorthiazide 25+12.5Mg Atenolol + Chlorthiazide 50+12.5Mg Atenolol + Hydrochlorthiazide 100+12.5Mg Atenolol + Indipamide Atenolol +Nefedipine Atenolol 100Mg Atenolol 12.5Mg Atenolol 25Mg Atenolol 50Mg Atenolol Chlorthalidone Atezolizumab 1200 Mg/20Ml Atg 100Mg Atg 25 Mg Atg 250Mg Atorva+Ezitinib Atorvastatin + Atenolol + Losartan Potassium Atorvastatin + Ramipril Atorvastatin + Ramipril Atorvastatin + Ramipril + Aspirin 10+2.5+75 Atorvastatin + Ramipril + Aspirin 20+5+75 Atorvastatin 10 Mg + Clopidogrel 75 Mg + Aspirin Ip 75 Mg Atorvastatin 10Mg+ Finofibrate 160Mg Atorvastatin 40Mg Atorvastatin 5 Mg Atorvastatin 80Mg Atorvastatin Calcium 10Mg Atorvastatin Calcium 20Mg Atorvastatin Tg Atorvastatin+Ramipril+Asprin+Clopedogrole 10+2.5+75+75Mg Atorvastatin+Ramipril+Asprin+Clopedogrole 20+5+75+75Mg Atracurium Bromide 25Mg Atropine Atropine Avobenzone+Oxybenzone+Vitamins Azacitidine Azathioprime 25Mg Azathioprime 50Mg Azelac Acid 10% 15 Gm Azelac Acid 10% 15 Gm Azelastine Azelastine Hcl Azelastine Hcl & Fluticasone Propio Azelastine-Budesonide Azithromycin 100 Mg / Dt Azithromycin 15Ml Azithromycin 250+Cefixime 200Mg Azithromycin 250Mg Azithromycin 500Mg Azithromycin 500Mg Aztreonam 1 Gm Aztreonam 2 Gm Aztreonam 500 Mg B1+B6+B12+Fa+Ino+Ala+Nicotinamide+Biotine B12+Folate B12-Cyanocobalamine+Multivitamin B6+Fa+B12 Bacillous Clausi Spores Enterogermina Bacillus Clausii Spores Suspension 5Ml Lactic Acid Baclofen Baclofen 10Mg Baclofen 1Mg/Ml 39 Baclofen 20Mg Baclofen 25Mg Baclofen 5Mg Baclofen Extended Rele. 20 Mg Baclofen Extended Rele. 40 Mg Bactigrass Balanced Gelatin 4% 500 Ml Balanced Salt Solution Plus Bss 250 Ml Balanced Salt Solution Plus Bss 500 Ml Balanced Solution With Calcium Acetate & Maleate 500 Ml Bambuterol Hcl 10 Mg Barium Sulphate H.D. 150 Ml. Barium Sulphate-Microbar Hd 300Ml Basiliximab 20Mg Bcg Vaccine 40 Mg B-Complex + Vitamin C 100Ml/200 Ml B-Complex Methylcobalamin Beclomethasone Dipropionate&Neomycin Sulphate 15Gm Beclomethasone Dipropionate.025%, Phenylepherine Hydrochloride .1%, Lignocaine Hydrochloride 2.5% Bectomethasone + Salbutamol Belatacep Benazepril 10Mg Benazepril 20Mg Benazepril 5Mg Bendamustine 100Mg Benfothiamine Methylcobalamin Alpha Benfotiamine 100 Mg Benzocain Gel Benzthiazide+Triameterene 25+50Mg Benzyl Benzoate 25% Benzyl Benzoate 25% 100Ml Benzyl Penicilline 10 Lac Iu Benzyl Penicilline 12 Lac Iu Benzyl Penicilline 24 Lac Iu Benzyl Peroxide 2.5% Gel Benzyl Peroxide 5% Gel Beta Carotone + C + E Beta White + Tyrostat + Melanostatine-5, 10 Gm 40 Betacarotene Lutein Betahistin Dihydrochloride16mg Betahistine Dihydrochloride 24Mg Betahistine Dihydrochloride 48Mg Betahistine Dihydrochloride 8Mg Betahistine Mesilate 12 Mg Betahistine Mesilate 6 Mg Betamethasome Dipropionate +Clotrimazole Betamethasome Dipropionate +Emollient Betamethasome Dipropionate +Gentamicin Betamethasome Dipropionate +Salicylic Acid Betamethasome Dipropionate +Urea+Lactic Acid+ Salicylic Acid Betamethasone + Clioquinol 30 Gm Betamethasone + Neomycin Betamethasone 0.5 Mg Betamethasone 1 Ml Betamethasone 12% W/W 20Gm Betamethasone 2 Ml Betamethasone 4Mg/Ml 2Ml Amp Betamethasone 4Mg/Ml 2Ml Vial Betamethasone+Cicloquine Betamethasone+Clotrimazole Betamethson Dipropionate+Miconazole Nitrate Betamethson Dipropionate+Neomycin Sulphate+Tolanflate Betamethson Dipropionate+Salicyclic Acid Betaxalol .5% Betaxolol Bethamethasone Valerate + Gentamycin + Miconazole 20 Gm Bethamethasone Valerate + Neomycin 20 Gm Bethamethasone+ Valerate + Phenylepheni Hc Bethanechol Cloride. 25Mg Bethanechol Cloride. 25Mg Bethanechol Cloride. 50Mg Bevacizumab 400 Mg Bevacizumob 4Ml Bezafibrate 200Mg Bezafibrate 400Mg Bezocaine+Para Chlorobenzene 41 Bezonatate Bibag For Online Filteration Dry Sodium Bicarbonate 650 Gm Bibag For Online Filteration Dry Sodium Bicarbonate 900 Gm Bicalutamide 50 Mg Biclutamide 50Mg Bioactive Collagen Peptides Biotin Biotin + Vitamin Biotin 10 Mg + Vitamin And Minerals Biotin 5 Mg + Folic Acid Ip 5 Mg Biotin 5 Mg + Vitamin And Minerals Bisacodyl 10 Mg Bisacodyl 5Mg Bisacodyl Suppositories Adult Bisacodyl Suppositories Paed. Bis-Chloroethylnitrosourea 100Mg Bisoprolol Fumarate 2.5Mg Bisoprolol Fumarate 5Mg Bisoprolol+Hydrochlorthiazide Bivaluridin Bleomycin Sulphate 15Mg Bortezomib 1Mg. Bortezomib 2.5 Mg Bortezomib 2Mg. Bortezomib 3.5 Mg Bortezomib 3.5Mg. Bosentan 125Mg Bosentan 62.5Mg Botulinum Toxin Botulinum Toxin 100 Iu Branch Chain Amino Acid Sachet 10Gm Brimonidine Brimonidine Tartrate & Timolol Maleate Opt Brimonidine Tartrate + Opthalmic Sol. Brimonidine Tartrate 2Mg Brimonidine Tartrate P 0.15% Brinzolemide 1% Bromelain+Rutoside+Trypsin Bromexime+Levosalbutamol 42 Bromhex. +Dextrometh. +Amm.Cl. +Menth Bromhexine Bromhexine 100Ml Bromocriptine Mesylate 2.5Mg Bromofenac Buclizine Hydrochloride Ip 25 Mg Buclizine Hydrochloride Ip 50 Mg Buclizine Hydrochloride Ip 6 Mg/5Ml Budesonide Budesonide 2Ml Budesonide 3Mg Budesonide Inhaler 200 Mcg Budesonide Nasal Spray Budesonide Respirator Budisonide 100 Inhaler Bumustine 40 Mg Bupinorphine Transdermal Patch 10Mcg Bupinorphine Transdermal Patch 20Mcg Bupinorphine Transdermal Patch 5Mcg Bupivacaine 0.25% 20Ml Bupivacaine 0.50% 20Ml Bupivacaine H 0.5% 4Ml Bupivacine Isobaric 0.5% 4Ml Busprion 5 Mg Busulfan 2Mg Busulfan 60Mg/10Ml Butorphanol Tartrate 1Mg Butorphanol Tartrate 2Mg Butorphenol Inj. Butorphenol Nasal Spray Cabazitaxel 60 Mg Cabazitaxel 60 Mg Cabergoline 0.25Mg Cabergoline 0.5Mg Cabergoline 1 Mg Cabonyl Iron Folic Ac. Cal. Bio. Methyco.Vi Caffeine Citrate 60Mg/1Ml Caffeine Citrate 60Mg/2Ml Caffeine Citrate 60Mg/3Ml Caffeine Citrate 60Mg/3Ml Calamine Lotion 43 Calcipotriol Cream Calcitonin Calcitonin 100 Mg Calcitrid+Calcium Carbonate+Mehycabol+Vit. Ki- 7+Zinc Calcitriol 0.25Mcg Calcitrol + Calcium Carbonate + Zinc Calcitrol 1Mcg Calcitrol Oint 3 Mcg Calcium & Vitamin D3 Calcium & Vitamin D3, B12 Calcium + Isoflavane Calcium + Methylcoblamine + Folic Acid + B6 Calcium + Vit B Comp+ Vit C+D3 Calcium + Vit B Comp+ Vit C+D3 Calcium + Vitamin D3 & Vitamin B12 Calcium Acetate 667 Mg Calcium And Phosphorus With Vitamin D3 Calcium And Phosphorus With Vitamin D3, 200Ml Calcium Carb. +Mang. +Vit D3+Zinc Calcium Carb. +Mang. +Vit D3+Zinc Calcium Carbonate 150Mg Calcium Carbonate 300Mg Calcium Carbonate 500Mg Calcium Carbonate Calcitriol Vitamin K 2 Calcium Carbonate Calcium Vitamin K2-7, Magnesium Calcium Carbonate With Vit - D3, 250Mg Calcium Carbonate With Vit - D3, 500Mg Calcium Carbonate With Vitamin D3, B6 Calcium Carbonate+Vit D3 1000 Mg Calcium Chloride 10Ml Calcium Citrate + Calcitriol + Vit. K Calcium Citrate +Methycobalamine+Calcitriol Calcium Citrate 1000Mg +Vit.D-3 Calcium Citrate Maleate +Vit.D-3 Calcium Citrate Vit D3 & Folic Acid Calcium Citrate+Methycobalamine+Calcitriol Calcium D3 60000 Calcium D3 60000 Calcium Dobesilate + Docusate Sodium Calcium Dobesilate + Lignocaine + Hydrocortizone +44 Calcium Dobesilate 500Mg Calcium Folivate 15 Mg Calcium Folivate 30 Mg Calcium Gluconate 50 Mg + Calcium Lactobionate 87.5 Mg Calcium Gluconate 10% Calcium Phosphate+Chromic Cl2+Biotin+Fe+Compound Vitamin Abcde Calcium Pidolate Calcium Polysterine Sulphonate Calcium Vitamin D3 Zinc Calcium Vitamin D3, B12 Calcium Vitamin D3, B6 Lysine Mineral Calcium With Vit - D3 Calcium With Vitamin D&B 12 Calcium With Vitamin D&B 12 Calcium+Isoflavon Camphor+Chlorothymol+Eucalyptol+Methol+Terpine Ol Canagliflozin 100 Mg Canagliflozin 300 Mg Capecitabine 500 Mg Caphasol Capreomycin 1000 Mg Capreomycin Sulphate Capreomycin Sulphate 750 Mg Capsaiein+Methyl Salieylate+Menthol+Diclofenac Capsule 13 Cis Retinoic Acid 10Mg Capsule 13 Cis Retinoic Acid 20Mg Captopril 12.5 Mg Captopril 25Mg Captopril 50Mg Carbamazepine 200Mg Carbamazepine Retard 200 Mg Carbamazepine Retard 300 Mg Carbamazepine Retard 400 Mg Carbamezapine 100 Mg/5Ml Carbamezapine 100Mg Carbamezapine 200Mg Carbamezapine 300Mg 45 Carbamezapine 400Mg Carbamezapine Retard 200Mg Carbimazole 10Mg Carbimazole 20Mg Carbimazole 5Mg Carbocisteine 375Mg Carbohydrate48gm+Protein30gm+Sugar1.06Mg 275 Gm Pack Carbolic Acid 400Ml/500Ml Carbonyl Iron & Folic Acid Vitamin B12 Carbonyl Iron + Folic Acid 5 Mg Carbonyl Iron + Zinc + Folic Acid Carboplatin 150 Mg Carboplatin 450Mg Carboplatin 600Mg Carboxy Methyl Cellulose 0.5% Carboxy Methyl Cellulose+Glycerine 0.1% Carboxy Methyl Cellulose+Glycerine 1% Carboxylic Acid 60 Gm Carboxymethyl Cellulose + Glycerin Carboxymethyl Cellulose + Glycerin - Soft Drops Cardio Plegia Conc. 20Ml Carfilzomib 60 Mg Carfilzomib 60 Mg Caritron 8Mg Carmellose Sodium Carmustine 100 Mg Carnitine 330 Mg Carnitine 330Mg Carotenoids + Lutein + Zeaxanthi Carvedilol Carvedilol + Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5 Mg Carvedilol + Hydrochlorthiazide 6.25 Mg Carvedilol 12.5 Mg Carvedilol 3.125 Mg Carvedilol 6.25 Mg Caspofungin Acetate 50Mg Caspofungin Acetate 70 Mg Castramid 50 Mg Catheter Lock Solution 32.4% Catheter Lock Solution 46.7% 46 Cefaclor 250Mg Cefaclor 30 Ml Cefaclor 500Mg Cefaclor 750 Mg Cefadroxil 1Gm Cefadroxil 1Gm Cefadroxil 250Mg Cefadroxil 30Ml Cefadroxil 500Mg Cefazolin 1Gm Cefazoline 500Mg Cefdinir 300 Cefditioren 200Mg Cefepime 1 Gm Cefepime 2 Gm Cefepime 2 Gm + Tazobactam 250 Gm Cefipime 1Gm+Tazobactum 125 Mg Cefipime 250Mg+Tazobactum 31.25 Mg Cefipime 500Mg+Tazobactum 62.5 Mg Cefixim+Ornidazole Cefixime 100Mg Cefixime 100Mg/5Ml 30 Ml Cefixime 200Mg Cefixime 200Mg + Ofloxacin 200Mg Cefixime 500 Mg Dt Cefixime+Azithromycin Cefoparazone + Sulabactum 2Gm + 1Gm Cefoparazone 2 Gm Cefoperazone 1 Gm Cefoperazone 250 Mg Cefoperazone Sodium +Sulbactum1.5Gm+1.5Gm Cefoperazone Sodium +Sulbactum500mg+500Mg Cefotaxim + Sulbactum 1.5 Gm Cefotaxim + Sulbactum 375 Mg Cefotaxim + Sulbactum 750 Mg Cefotaxim 250Mg Cefotaxime 125Mg Cefotaxime 1Gm Cefpirome Sulphate 1 Gm Cefpodoxime + Clavulanic Acid 100+150 Cefpodoxime + Clavulanic Acid 200+228 47 Cefpodoxime 100 Mg + Clavulanic Acid 62.5 Mg Cefpodoxime 100+Clavulanic Acid 100 Cefpodoxime 100Mg Cefpodoxime 200 Mg + Ofloxacin Ip 200 Mg Cefpodoxime 200+Clavulanic Acid 125Mg Cefpodoxime 50 Mg + Clavulanic Acid 31.25 Mg / 5Ml Cefpodoxime 50+Clavulanic Acid 50 Cefpodoxime 50+Clavulanic Acid 50 Cefpodoxime Proxetil 200Mg Cefpodoxine Proxetil 100Mg/5Ml Ceftazidime 1Gm Ceftazidime 2 Gm Ceftazidime 250Mg Ceftizoxime Sodium 1 Gm Ceftolozane 1 Gm + Tazobactum 0.5 Gm Ceftozolant + Tazobactum Ceftriaxone 1Gm Ceftriaxone 1Gm + Tazobactum 125 Mg Ceftriaxone 2 Gm Ceftriaxone 250Mg Ceftriaxone 500Mg + Tazobactum 62.5 Mg Ceftriaxone/Disodium Editate/Sulbactum Ceftriaxone/Disodium Editate/Sulbactum Cefuroxim 500Mg + Linezolid 600Mg Cefuroxime 250 Mg Cefuroxime Axetil 500 + Clavulinic Acid Cefuroxime Axetil 500Mg Cefuroxime Sod. 1.5Gm Cefuroxime Sod. 750Mg Cefuroxime Sodium 250 Mg Celecoxib 200Mg Cellumide Eye Strip Cephalexin 250Mg Cephalexin 500Mg. Cephalexin 60 Ml Cephalexine 30Ml. Ceritinib 150Mg Cetrizine Cetrizine + Dexamethasone Cetrizine + Phencitate 48 Cetrizine Hcl 10 Mg Tab Cetrorelix Acetate Cetrorelix Axetate Equivalent To Cetrorelix 0.25 Mg Cetuximab 100Mg Cetuximab 500Mg Chicken Pox Vaccine Chlomphenol+Polymexin B+Bacitracin Chlophineramine+Phenylpherene+Paracetamol+Caffi Ene Chloral Hydrate 100Mg/Ml Chloram+Sodium Phosphate Chlorambucil 5 Mg Chloramphanicol 500Mg Chloramphenical+Polymixin Sulp Chloramphenicod + Bectomethason + Clotrimazole Chloramphenicol Chloramphenicol 100Ml Chloramphenicol 1Gm Chloramphenicol 500 Mg Chloramphenicol 60 Ml Chlordiazepoxide Amitriptyline Hcl Chlordiazepoxide+Clidinime+Dicyclomin Chlordiazepoxide+Clindium Bromide Chlordizepoxide 10Mg Chlordizepoxide 25Mg Chlorhexidine Gluconate Chlorhexidine Gluconate Chlorhexidine Gluconate 100Ml Chlorhexidine Gluconate 160 Ml Chlorhexidine Gluconate 500 Ml Chlorhexidine Gluconate 500Ml Chlorine Tabs Chlorine Water 500Ml Chloroprocaine Hcl 5Ml Chloroquine Chloroquine 200Mg/5Ml Chloroquine Phosphate 250Mg Chlorpheniramine Chlorpheniramine Maleate Chlorpheniramine Maleate Chlorpheniramine Maleate 100 Ml 49 Chlorphenramine Chlorpromazine 50Mg Chlorpromazine 50Mg/Ml 2Ml Chlorthalidine + Telmisartan Chlorthalidine 12.25 Chlorthalidine 25Mg Chlorthalidine 6.25 Chlorthalidone Chlorzoxazone 500Mg Chlorzoxazone+Diclofenac Sod. 500 Mg + Paracetamol Cholcecalciferol 60000, Vitamin D3 Cholecalciferol 400 Iu 10 Mcg Vitamin D3 1Ml Cholecalciferol 2, 000 I.U. Cholecalciferol Oral Sol 30 Ml 60K Cholecalciferol Vit D3 Cholecaliferol 60 Lac Cholestyramine 4/5 Gm Choline Salicylate Lignocaine Choramphenicol Dipropionate Ciotri Chromylyn Sodium Ciclesonide -80Ug Ciclesonide Formeterol 4.5/160Ug Ciclesonide Formeterol 4.5/160Ug Ciclesonide-160Ug Ciclesonide-160Ug Ciclopirox Lacquer Nail Ciclopirox Topical 8% Soln. Cilindepine 10Mg Cilindepine 10Mg + Telmisartan 40 Mg Cilnidipine 10 Mg + Telmisartan Ip 40 Mg Cilnidipine 10Mg+Atenolol 50Mg Cilnidipine 20 Mg Cilnidipine 20Mg Cilnidipine 5Mg Cilostazol Tab 100 Mg Cilostazol Tab 50 Mg Cimetidine 200 Mg Cimetidine 400 Mg Cimetropium Bromide 50 Cinacalcet 30 Mg Cinacalcet 60 Mg Cinerazine + Betahisterine Cinidipine 20 Mg Cinnarizine 20Mg + Dimenhydrinate 40 Mg Cinnarizine 25Mg Cinnarizine 75Mg Ciprofloxacin + Dexamethasone Ciprofloxacin + Ornidazole Ciprofloxacin 100Mg Ciprofloxacin 200Mg 100Ml Iv Ciprofloxacin 250Mg Ciprofloxacin 250Mg+Tinidazole 300Mg Ciprofloxacin 500 + Tinidazole 600 Ciprofloxacin 500 Mg Ciprofloxacin 750 Mg Cisapride 10 Mg Cisapride 60Ml Cisatracurium Besylate 2Mg/Ml 10Ml Cisatracurium Besylate 2Mg/Ml 5Ml Cisplatin 10 Mg Cisplatin 100 Mg Cisplatin 50 Mg Citalopram Hydrobromide 10 Mg Citicholine Citicholine 500 Mg Citicoline Citicoline 1 Ml Citicoline 2Ml Citicoline 500 Mg Citicoline 500Mg & Piracetam 400Mg Tablets Citicoline 500Mg & Piracetam 800Mg Tablets Cladirabin 10 Mg Clarithromycin Clarithromycin 250Mg Clarithromycin 500Mg Clav Acid + Amoxy 125+250 Mg Clav Acid + Amoxy 25+125Mg Clav Acid + Amoxy 25+125Mg Clav Acid + Amoxy 31.25+125 30Ml Clav Acid + Amoxy 50+250 Mg 51 Clav.Acid + Amoxy 200Mg+ 1Gm Clav.Acid 125 + Amoxycilline 875 Mg Clav.Acid 125 + Amoxycilline 875Mg Clav.Acid+ Amoxy 125 +500 Clav.Acid+ Cefixime 125 +200 Clav.Acid+ Cefixime 31.25+50 Clav.Acid+ Cefixime 62.5 +100 Clepopride 0.5 Mg Clepopride 1 Mg Clindamycin + Nicotinamide 15 Gm Clindamycin 100Mg + Clotrimazole 100Mg + Tinidazole 100Mg Clindamycin 100Mg + Clotrimazole 100Mg + Tinidazole 100Mg Vaginal Suppositories Clindamycin 100Mg+Clotrimazole 100Mg Clindamycin 150 Mg Clindamycin 300 Mg Clindamycin 300Mg Clindamycin 600Mg Clindamycin 600Mg Clindamycin Gel Clindamycin Phosphate + Benzoyl Peroxide 10 Gm Clindamycin+Allantoin+Nicotinamide Clindamycin+Clotrimazole Clindipine 10 Mg Clindipine 5 Mg Clobazam 10Mg Clobazam 20Mg Clobazam 5Mg Clobazam Mouth Dissolving Clobcare Mx Clobetasol Clobestasol+Miconazole Cream Clobetasol Clobetasol 0.05% + Salicylic Acid 3% Clobetasol 0.05% + Salicylic Acid 3% Clobetasol 0.05% + Salicylic Acid 6%+Lactic Acid 3%+Urea 10% Clobetasol Propionate + Genta. + Micona. Nit 15Gm Clobetasol Propionate + Genta. + Micona. Nit 30 Gm Clobetasol Propionate 30Gm. Clobetasol Propionate Topical Solution 52 Clobetasole Cream 15Gm Clofazimine Clomiphene 25Mg Clomiphene 50Mg Clonazepam 0.25Mg Clonazepam 0.5Mg Clonazepam 1Mg Clonazepam 2Mg Clonazepam 3Mg Clonazepam Dispersible Clonazepam Ip 0.50 Mg + Propranolol Hydrochloride Ip 20 Mg Clonidine 100 Mcg Clonidine 100 Mcg + Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5Mg Clonidine 100 Mcg + Hydrochlorthiazide 20Mg Clonidine 150 Mcg Clonidine 150 Mcg Clonidine 1Ml Clonidine Hydrochloride Clonidine Hydrochloride 150 Mcg Clonidine Hydrochloride I.V./ I.M Clopidogrel 150 Mg Clopidogrel 300 Mg Clopidogrel 75 + Aspirin 150 Clopidogrel 75 Mg Clopidogrel 75Mg + Aspirin 75Mg Clopitrogril + Atorvastatin Clorpolydone + Metoprolol Clostridium Botulinum 250 Unit / Ml Clostridium Botulinum 500 Unit / Ml Clotrimazole Mouth Paint For Oral Application Clotrimazole +Beclomethasone Dipropionate+Gentamycin Sulphate Clotrimazole 1% + Selinium Sulphate 2.5% Clotrimazole 1% Beclomethasone Clotrimazole 1% Topical Solution Clotrimazole 200 Mg Clotrimazole Ear Drop Clotrimazole Lotion For Scalp Apllication Clotrimazole Lozenges 10Mg Clotrimazole Mouth Paint For Oral Application 61 Diazepam 10 Mg/2 Ml Diazepam 10Mg Diazepam 2Mg Diazepam 5Mg Diazoxide 50 Mg Diazoxide 50Mg Dicerin Gm Dicerine Diclofenac + Paracetamol Mr Diclofenac 100Mg Diclofenac Diethylamine Diclofenac Diethylamine 1.16 W/V Capsaicin 0.025% Methyl Salicylate 5% W/W, Menthol 2% W/W Diclofenac Diethylamine; Linseed Oil; Methyl Salicylate & Menthol Diclofenac Diethylamine; Linseed Oil; Methyl Salicylate & Menthol 30Gm Diclofenac Diethylammonium Diclofenac Potassium+Dicyclomine Hcl Diclofenac Pottasium + Paracetamol + Chlorzoxazone Diclofenac Sodium Diclofenac Sodium 100Mg S.R. Diclofenac Sodium 150Mg Ir/Er Diclofenac Sodium 30Gm Diclofenac Sodium 50Mg Diclofenac Sodium 50Mg+Paracetamol 500Mg Diclofenac Sodium 75Mg Diclofenac Sodium 75Mg/3Ml Diclofenac Spray Diclofenac Suppository Diclofenac Transdermal Patch 100Mg Diclofenac Transdermal Patch 200Mg Diclofenac+Thiocolchiside 50+8Mg Dicyclomin Dicyclomin Dicyclomine + Activated Dimethicone Dicyclomine + Activated Dimethicone Dicyclomine + Simethicon Drop Dicyclomine + Simethicon Drop 30Ml Dicyclomine 20Mg + Diclofenac 50Mg Dicyclomine Hydrochloride10mg+Propoxyphene 62 Napsylate 100Mg+Acetominophen 400Mg Diethyl Carbamazine 100Mg Diethyl Carbamazine 50Mg Digestive Tonic Digoxin 0.25Mg Digoxin 0.5Mg/ 2Ml Digoxin 30Ml Digoxin 60Ml Diltiazem 120 Mg Diltiazem 120 Mg Sr Diltiazem 2% Diltiazem 240Mg Sr Diltiazem 25Mg/ 5Ml Diltiazem 30 Mg Diltiazem 60 Mg Diltiazem 90Mg Diltiazem 90Mg Sr Dimethicon+Parrafin Dimethicone+Polyethyleneglycolt Potassium Chloride+Sodium Bicarbonate+Sodium Chloride Dimethyl Fumerate 120Mg Delayed Release Dimethyl Fumerate 240Mg Delayed Release Dimethyl Sulphoxide 100Ml Dimethyl Sulphoxide 10Ml Dinoprostone 0.5 Dinoprostone 0.5 Diosmin + Hesperidon Diphenoxylate Hydrochloride+Atropine Sulphate Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis Vaccine Diphtheria, Tetanus & Pertussis Vaccine Dipthira Tetnus Dipyridamole + Aspirin 100+150 Dipyridamole + Aspirin 100+75 Dipyridamole 100Mg Dipyridamole 25Mg Disodium Hydrogen Citrate Disogestrol+Ethinyl Estradiol Distilled Water 1 Lt Distilled Water 2 Lt Distilled Water 3 Lt Distilled Water 5 Lt 63 Distilled Water 500 Ml Distilled Water With Facility For Hanging On Iv Stand 1 Ltr Distilled Water With Facility For Hanging On Iv Stand 2 Ltr Distilled Water With Facility For Hanging On Iv Stand 500 Ml Dithramol +Coaltar+Salicylic Divalproex Sodium 1000Mg Extended Release Divalproex Sodium 500 Mg Divalprox Sodium 250 Mg Divalprox Sodium 750 Mg Divalprox Sodium Er 250 Mg Divalprox Sodium Er 500 Mg Dobutamine 250Mg Dobutamine Lypholised 250 Mg Docetaxel Concentrate 120Mg 3Ml With Solvent Docetaxel Concentrate 20Mg 0.5Ml With Solvent Docetaxel Concentrate 80Mg With Solvent Docusate Sodium 100Mg Dolutegravir 50 Mg Domperidon 10Mg Domperidon 30Mg Sr Domperidon 5Mg Domperidon10 Mg+Omeprazol 20 Mg Domperidon10 Mg+Omeprazol10 Mg Domperidone 30Ml Donepazil 5Mg Donepezil 10Mg Donepezil 5 Mg + Memantine 10 Mg Donepezil 5 Mg + Memantine 5 Mg Donepezil 7.5 Mg Donepezil Sr 12.5Mg Donepezil Sr 23Mg Dopamine 200Mg/5Ml Doripenam 250 Mg Doripenam 500Mg Doripenem 18 Mg Dothiepin 25Mg Dothiepin 50Mg Dothiepin 75Mg 64 Doxecalciferol Doxepin 10Mg Doxepin 25Mg Doxepin 25Mg Doxepin 50Mg Doxepin 75Mg Doxofylline 400Mg Doxofylline Ip 400 Mg + Ambroxol Hydrochloride Ip 30 Mg Doxofylline Ip 400 Mg + Montelukast 10 Mg Doxorubicin 10 Mg Doxorubicin 10 Mg Ready To Use Doxorubicin 50 Mg Doxorubicin 50 Mg Ready To Use Doxorubicin Hcl Liposomal 50Mg Doxorubicin Liposomal 20Mg Doxycycline 100Mg Doxycycline 100Mg Doxylamine+Pyridoxine Doxylamine+Pyridoxine+Folic Acid Dport Closure System .9% 100 Ml 121º C Sterile Ns Droperidol Droperidol Drosperinone +Ethinyl Estradiol Drosperinone 0.15 Mg And Ethinylestradiol 0.02 Mg Drosperinone 0.15 Mg And Ethinylestradiol 0.03 Mg Drotavarine Drotavarine Drotaverine + Mafenic Acid Drotavrine Hcl Drotecogin Alpha Drotecogin Alpha Dry Citrate Concentrate With Dry Bicarbonate Concentrate Part A And Part B Dry Sodium Bicarbonate Bibag 650Gm Dry Sodium Bicarbonate Bibag 900Gm Ducosate Sodium Bp 0.5% W/V Dulaglutide 0.75 Mg Dulaglutide 1.5 Mg Duloxetine 30Mg Duloxetine Hcl 10 Mg 65 Duloxetine Hcl 20 Mg Duloxetine Hcl 40 Mg Duloxitine Hcl 60Mg Durvalumab 120Mg/2.4Ml Durvalumab 500Mg/10Ml Durvalumab 50Mg/Ml Dutasteride + Transulosin 0.5 + 0.4Mg Dutasteride 0.5 Mg Dydrogesterone 10 Mg Dynaprestone 10Mg Vaginal Pesseries Dynaprestone 10Mg Vaginal Pesseries 10 Mg Earbitux 100Mg Vial 20Ml Ebastine 10 Mg Ebastine+Phenylephrine Ebastine+Phenylephrine Eberaconazole Ecluzumab Eflonithine Hcl Electrolyte-M, 500 Ml Should Be Sterilized At 121°C, Should Have Closure System, This Closure System Having Innovative Two-Parts, Should Meet Global Standards, Should Have Transparency As Glass Bottles Electrolyte-P, 500 Ml Should Be Sterilized At 121°C, Should Have Closure System, This Closure System Having Innovative Two-Parts, Should Meet Global Standards, Should Have Transparency As Glass Bottles Elemental Calcium 150 Mg Elemental Iron With Vitamin Eltrombopag Olamine 25 Mg Eltrombopag Olamine 50 Mg Embramine Hcl 25 Mg Emollient - Glycerin Cream Emollient - Urea + Lactic A In Paraffin Empagliflozin 10 Mg Empagliflozin 25 Mg Enalapril Maleate Enalapril Maleate 10Mg Enalapril Maleate 10Mg+Hydrochlorthiazide 25 Mg Enalapril Maleate 2.5Mg Enalapril Maleate 5Mg Enalapril Maleate+Actitol Monohydrute 200 Ml 66 Enalapril+Hydrochlorthizide 5+12.5 Enalapril+Hydroehlathiazide 10+12.5 Entecavir Entecavir 0.5Mg Entecavir 1Mg Enteral Nutrition Products For All Types Of Dialysis Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products For All Types Of Dialysis Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products For General Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products For General Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products Of All Types For Liver Failure Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products Of All Types For Liver Failure Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products Of All Types For Renal Failure Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products Of All Types For Renal Failure Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products Of All Types For Burn And Trauma Patients Enteral Nutrition Products Of All Types For Burn And Trauma Patients Enteral Nutrition Products Of All Types For Diabetic Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products Of All Types For Diabetic Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products Of All Types For Respiratory Failure Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes Enteral Nutrition Products Of All Types For Respiratory Failure Patients Gluten Free, All Types And Pack Sizes 67 Enz. Omega Fo. Acid Alpha Di. Enzalutamide 40 Mg Enzalutamide 40 Mg Epalrestat Epalrestat + B1+B6+B12 Eperisone 150 Mg Sr Eperisone Hydrochloride 150 Mg + Diclofenac Sodium Ip 100 Mg Ephedrine Sulphate 50 Mg Ephedrine Sulphate 50Mg Epidermal Growth Factor 15 Gm Epidermal Growth Factor 7.5 Gm Epirisone Hcl Diclofenac Sr Epirubicin 10 Mg Ready To Use Epirubicin 50 Mg Ready To Use Epirubicine 10 Mg Epirubicine 100 Mg Epirubicine 150 Mg Epirubicine 50 Mg Epithelone 50 Mg Epithelone 50 Mg Epithelone 70 Mg Epithelone 70 Mg Eplerenone 25Mg Eplerenone 50Mg Eprisone Eptifibatide 20Mg/10Ml Eptifibatide 75Mg/100Ml Ergocalciferol 60000Iu Eribulin Mesylate 1 Mg/2 Ml Erlotinib 100Mg Erlotinib 150Mg Ertapenem Sodium1gm Erythromycin Erythromycin 100Mg/Ml Oral Drops Erythromycin 250Mg. Erythromycin 500Mg Erythromycin 60Ml Erythropoetein 1000 -Alpha Erythropoetein 1000 -Beta Erythropoetein 1000 -Thermostable 68 Erythropoetein 6000 Erythropoetein 8000 Erythropoetien 2000-Alpha Erythropoetien 2000-Beta Erythropoetien 2000-Thermostable Erythropoetien 3000 -Alpha Erythropoetien 3000 -Beta Erythropoetien 3000 -Thermostable Erythropoetien 4000 -Alpha Erythropoetien 4000 -Beta Erythropoetien 4000 -Thermostable Erythropoteien 10, 000-Alpha Erythropoteien 10, 000-Beta Erythropoteien 10, 000-Thermostable Erythropot 69 Essential Amino Acids Essential Phospholipids Essent Etc

12 SEP2018
  Central Government/Public Sector
Central Government/Public Sector mumbai-maharashtra
Ref. No : 14082368
8/30/2018 12:00:00 AM Tender Value : 18.08 Lacs 1808492.00 Sector : Security Services

Procurement Of Medicine- Abo Antigen Analgesic Spray Bandage 10Cm Betamethasone Dipropionate Cap Acebrophylline 100 Mg Cap Antioxidant Cap Amoxycilline 500 Mg Cap Amoxycilline 500+Cloxacilline 250Mg Cap Cyclosporine A Micro Emulsion 100Mg Cap Deoxrange Cap Fenofibrate 160Mg Cap Gabapentin 300 Mg Cap Gabapentin 400Mg Cap Heamatinic Cap Indomethacin 25Mg Cap Multivitamin Cap Nifedipine20 Mg Cap Omeprazole 20 Mg Cap Omeprazole 20 Mg +Domperidone 10 Mg Cap Pregabalin 75Mg Cap Rabeprazole 20Mg + Levosulpride 75Mg Cap Rabeprazole + Domperidone Cap Vitamin A Cap Vitamin E 200Mg Cap Tamsulosin Hci 0.4Mg Capd Bag 1.5 % Cervical Collar Coloplast Ostomy Bag 60Mm 11856 Coloplast Ostomy Base Palate 60Mm 10035 Coloplast Ostomy Barrier Sheet Coloplast Ostomy Belt Coloplast Ostomy Brava Tapper Coloplast Ostomy Paste Coloplast Ostomy Powder Coloplast Ostomy Soap Capd Trichoice 2000 Ml Desensitising Paste Stannous Fluoride/Potassium Nitrate/Sodium Monoflurophosphate Tube Of 50Gm Inj Onco Bcg 80 Mg E/D Alercheck E/D Andre E/D Carboxy Methyl Cellulose 1% Eye Drop Bott Of 5 Ml E/D Ciprofloxain 0.3% E/D Moxifloxacin + Dexamethasone E/D Olfoxacin 0.3% E/D Olapatadine 2% E/D Refresh Tear Eye Oint Neomycin Neosprin Film Dental Single X-Ray 3.2Cm X 4.1Cm 1 1/4 X 1 5/8 Film X-Ray 38.1Cm X 30.5Cm 15 X 12 High Speed Film X-Ray 43.18Cm X35.56 Cm 17 X 14 High Speed. Glucostrip Omran Gutta Percha Points Germicidal Assorted Box Of 15- 40 Non Sterile Disposable Gloves S-7 Non Sterile Disposable Gloves S-7.5 Inh Beclomethasone 200 Mcg Inh Beclomethasone 50 Mcg Salbutamol 100 Mcg Aerocort Inh Formoterol 6 Mcg + Budesonide 400Mcg Foracort 400 Inh Foracort 200Mcg Inh Salbutamol Asthalin Inh Salbutamol 100 Mcg + Ipratropium 20 Mcg Duolin Inh Seroflo 250Mcg Inh Tiova Inj Avil Inj Derriphyllin Inj Dexamethasone Inj Diclofenac Inj Erythropoietin 2000 Iu Inj Erythropoietin 4000 Iu Inj Erythropoietin 6000 Iu Inj Flagyl Inj Insulin Levamir Pen Inj Insulin Glargine 100 Iu/Ml Inj Insulin30% /70 % Cart Of 3Ml Inj Mircera Inj Mixtard 30/70 Tab Teneligliptin 20 Mg Cap Acebrophyllinesr 200 Mg Antiseptic Pain Relieving Gel Cap Alfacalcidol Vit D3 0.25 Mcg Cap Amantadine 100Mg Cap Cudoforte Biotic Caps Cap Evion 400Mg Cap Gabapentin 300 Mg + Methylcobalamin 1500Mcg Cap Imatinib Mesylate 400Mg Cap Itraconazole 100Mg Cap Pancreatin 150Mg Cap Carebroprotein 90 Mg Cart Glaritus Caterator Follyes 16 Fg Caterator Follyes 18 Fg Cell Clean 50Ml Cell Pack 20Ltr Cement, Kalsogen, Liquid, Bottle Of 10 Ml Composite Corn Cap Cover Slip Microscope D Pulp Disposable Water Bed E/D Besifloacin E/D Bimatoprost 0.01% E/D Bimatoprost 0.03% Bott Of 3Ml E/D Brinzolamide + Brominidine Simbrinza E/D Brinzolamide 10 Mg / Ml Brinolar E/D Ciprofloxain Hcl 0.3% + Dexamethasone 0.1 % 5 Ml E/D Clotrimazole 1% W/V Ip+ Lignocaine 2%10Ml E/D Combigan Sun E/D Gentamicin Bott Of 5 Ml E/D Hypromellose Eyemist E/D Ketrolac E/D Kye Flush E/D Latanoprost 0.005% E/D Miosol E/D Moxifloxacin E/D Napafenac E/D Tobramycin 0.3%, Dexamethasone E/D Travoprost 2.5Ml E/D Tropicamide Eye Solution 15, Bott Of 5 Ml Gel Gum Astringent Content Triphala, Asna15 Ml Gum Astringent Glass Innomer Cement Glass Ionomer Cement Liquid Glass Ionomer Cement Powder Glass Slide Glucostrip Morphenbg -03 Glucostrip Sugar Cheak Adv Gp Point 45-80 Inj Amikacin 500 Mg Inj Decaduron 25Mg Inj D 5% Inj Dns Inj Gentamycin Inj Heparin 5000 Iu Inj Human Insuline R Inj Lignocaine 2% Vial Of 30 Ml Inj Lignocaine Hcl 2% Solution With Adrenaline 1:80000 2 Ml Inj Methylcobalamine Inj Neurobion Forte Inj Nph Inj Oflox + Oz Inj Rabipur Inj Metoclopramide Inj Ringer Lactate Inj Zolendronic Acid Isapgol Husk 3.5Mg Ketosticks 1X100test Kit Albumin 5X50ml Kit Alkaline Phosphate 6X6 Ml Erla Kit Amylase 6 X6ml Erba Kit Aso Titrate 1X100 Test Kit Bilirubin 2X50 Ml Kit Cholesterol 2X50 Ml Erba Kit Crp Test 100 Test Kit Creatinine 5X20 Ml Erba Kit Erba Wash Sol 4 X50 Ml Erba Kit Glucose Test Kit 2X200 Ml Erba Kit Hbsag Rapid Test 1X30 Test Kit Hdl Cholesterol 2X50 Ml Kit Ra Factor Test 1 X 25 Test Kit Total Protein Kit Urea Bun 5X20ml Erba Kit Uric Acid 5X20 Ml Erba Knee Brace Knee Cap Lotion Calamine 100 Ml Lotion Deprovat Lotion Ketoconazole 100Ml Lotion Luliconazole Lotion Melgain Lotion Povidone Lodine Solution 5% Bottle Of 100 Ml Lotion Sunban Lotion Zydip 30Ml Klm Lumber Belt M/W Anti Sensetive Hiora K Mdi Tiotropium Micropipette Tips Blue1x1000pics Micropipette Tips Yellow 1X1000 Pics Nasal Drop Xylometazoline Hci 0.05% W/V Bott Of 10 Ml Nasal Spray Azelastine 0.10% W/V Oint Betadine Oint Betamethasone Dipropionate Usp 5 Mg And Gentamycin Sulphate 1Mg/Gm Tube Of 5Gm Oint Clindamycin Phosphate 1%Topical Gel Tube Of 10 Gm Oint Halobetasol Oint Mupirocin Oint Quadiderm Oint Terbinafine 1% 10 Gm Pulv Protein 200 Gm R/C Aerocort Salbutamol 100Mcg + Beclomethasone 100 Mcg R/C Ipratropium Bromide + Leosalbutamol Duolin Respules Budesonide 1 Mg Rotahaler Syp Anti Cold Pead Syp Cough Syp Liver Tonic 200 Ml Syp Paracetamol Syringe 10 Ml Syringe 2 Ml Syringe 5 Ml Tab Acarbose 25 Mg Tab Acenocoumarol 2 Mg Tab Acyclovir 400 Mg Tab Albendazole 400Mg Tab Alendronate Sodium 70Mg Tab Amitriptylline 10 Mg Tab Amlo At Tab Amlodipine 2.5 Mg Tab Antacid Digene Tab Antispasmodic Dicylomine Hcl 10Mg Paracetamol 400 Mg Tab Atarax 25Mg Tab Azithromycin 250Mg Tab Azithromycin 500 Mg Tab Bisacodyl 5 Mg Tab Carvedilol 12.5 Mg Tab Carvedilol 3.125 Mg Tab Chlordiazepoxide 10Mg Tab Chorothalidone 6.25 Mg Tab Cefixime + Clavulanic Acid Tab Cilnidipine 10 Mg + Telmisartan 40 Mg Tab Cilnidipine 10Mg Tab Cilostazole 100Mg Tab Clarithromycin 500 Mg Tab Clomipramine 25 Mg Tab Clozapine 100 Mg Tab Cough Lozenges Tab Cyclosporin 25Mg Tab Daflon 500Mg Tab Deflazacort 12 Mg Tab Diclofenac + Pcm Tab Diltiazem 30Mg Tab Diltiazem 60Mg Tab Diltiazem Sr 90Mg Tab Donepezil 10 Mg Tab Doxophyllin 650 Mg Tab Drotaverine Hci 40 Mg Tab Dubinor Methycobaamine + Notepil + Pregablin Tab Duloxetine 20Mg Tab Dutasteride 0.5 Mg Tab Dytor Plus 10 Tab Eltroxin Sodium 50Mcg Tab Enalapril 2.5 Mg Tab Enalapril 5 Mg Tab Eplerenone 25 Mg Tab Eplerenone 50 Mg Tab Escitalopram 10 Mg + Clonazepam 0.5 Mg Tab Escitalopram 10 Mg Tab Ethamsylate 500 Mg Tab Everolimus 0.75Mg Tab Ezetimibe 10 Mg Tab Feburic 40Mg Tab Feropeneum 200 Mg Tab Finasteride 5 Mg Tab Flavedon Mr 35Mg Tab Fluconazole150mg Tab Fludrocortisone 1Mg Tab Flunarizine 10 Mg Tab Flupentixol 0.5 Mg Tab Forxiga Gabagliflazine Tab Frusemide 40 Mg Tab Ginnette Pkt 21 Tab Tab Glibenclamide 5 Mg Tab Gliclazide 40 Mg Tab Gliclazide 60 Mg Tab Gliclazide 80 Mg Tab Glimepride 1 Mg + Metformin 1000 Mg Tab Glimepride 1 Mg + Metformin 500 Gm Tab Glimepride 2 Mg + Metformin 1000 Mg Tab Haloperidol 0.5 Mg Tab Haloperidol 1 Mg Tab Hcqs 400Mg Tab Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5 Mg Tab Ibuprofen 400 Mg Tab Imipramine Tab Indapamide Sr 1.5 Mg Tab Indomethacin 75 Mg Sr Tab Leflunomide 20 Mg Tab Levasidone 40 Mg Tab Levetiracetam 500 Mg Tab Levofloxacin 500 Mg Tab Levosulpiride 100 Mg Tab Levosulpiride 25 Mg Tab Librax Tab Lisinopril 5 Mg Tab Lodoz Tab Lorazepam 1Mg Tab Lorazepam 2Mg Tab Lupinac Tab Lycopan With Vitamin Tab Mebeverine Hci 135 Mg Tab Mecobalamin 1500 Mcg Tab Metaprolol 12.5 Mg Tab Metaprolol Xl 12.5 Mg Tab Methotrexate 5 Mg Tab Methotrexate 7.5 Mg Tab Methylprednisolone 8 Mg Tab Metoprolol 25 Mg Tab Mirtazapine 30Mg Tab Monteleukast 10 Mg Tab Montelukast 5Mg Tab Moxonidine 0.2 Mg Tab Mycophenolate Sodium 360 Mg Tab Naproxen 500 Mg Tab Nevibilol 5 Mg Tab Nifedipine 10Mg Tab Nimesluide + Tizinadine 100 Mg Tab Nitrofurantoin 100 Mg Tab Nitroglycerin 6.4 Mg Tab Nodosis Sod Carbonate 500 Mg Tab Ofloxacin 400 Mg + Ornidazole Tab Olanzapine 5Mg Tab Olmisartan 20 Mg Tab Olmisertan 20 Mg + Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5 Mg Tab Olmisertan 40 Mg + Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5 Mg Tab Oxcarbamazepine 150 Mg Tab Oxcarbamazepine 200 Mg Tab Paracetamol 500Mg Tab Paracetamol 500Mg And Ibuprofen 400Mg Tab Phenytoin Sodium 100 Mg Tab Pioglitazone 15 Mg Tab Piracetam 800 Mg Tab Piroxicam Dt 20Mg Tab Pramipaxole 0.5 Mg Tab Pramipexole 0.125 Mg Tab Prasugrel 10Mg Tab Prazosin 5 Mg Sr Tab Prednisolone 5 Mg Tab Propranolol 10 Mg Tab Propranolol 40 Mg Tab Pyridostigmine 60Mg Tab Quetiapine Fumarate 50Mg Tab Ramipiril 10 Mg Tab Ramipiril 2.5 Mg & Hydrochlorthiazide 12.5 Mg Tab Ranolazine 500 Mg Tab Sevelamar 400Mg Tab Sertraline 25Mg Tab Sertraline 50Mg Tab Sildenafil Citrate 50Mg Tab Sod Picosulphate 10 Mg Tab Sorbitrate 10Mg Tab Sorbitrate 5Mg Tab Sorefenib 200Mg Tab Spironolactone 25Mg Tab Supradyn Tab Telmisartan 80 Mg Tab Tinidagliptin Tab Todalafil 5 Mg Tab Tolperisone 150 Mg Tab Tolperisone 50 Mg Tab Tramadol +Paracetamol Tab Tramadol 50Mg Tab Trihexyphenidyl 2 Mg Tab Trimetazidine 20 Mg Tab Ursodeoxycholic Acid 150Mg Tab Ursodexycholic Acid 300 Mg Tab Velnaflaxine 37.5Mg Tab Voglibose 0.3 Mg Tab Warfarine 2 Mg Tab Zolpidem 10 Mg Tab Zomisamide 25 Mg Tan Nortriptyline 25 Mg Urine Collection Bag Rabies Vaccine Vaccutainer Edta Vaccutainer Plain

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