28 JUL2020
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 18575394 Tender Value : NA Sector : Railway Transport

Supply of Refilling Of Abc Type Fire Extinguisher Of 04 Kgs Capacity. Refilling Is To Be Done At Firm End Whether At Gsd Or At His Workshop.

17 JUL2020
Ref. No : 18576623 Tender Value : NA Sector : Crude Oil/Natural Gas/Mineral Fuels

Enquiry Has Been Initiated For Mandatory Fire Extinguisher Hydro Testing At Plant

27 JUL2020
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 18578941 Tender Value : 24.1 Thousand Sector : Coal And Lignite

Refilling Of Fire Extinguisher Required For Providing Safety Against Fire Of Pandm And Hemm Of Akwmc

31 JUL2020
Ref. No : 18569898 Tender Value : 47.42 Lacs Sector : Road Transport

Portable Fire Extinguisher Abc Dry Powder Type 4Kg. And 6Kg. Capacity

4 AUG2020
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 18573093 Tender Value : NA Sector : Survey Work

Disposable Of Unserviceable Instrument Equipment And Tents Angithi Iron, Air Conditioner, Aqua Guard, Eureka Forbes, Adjustable Wrench Spanner, Bicycle, Brief Case Assorted, Board Large Assorted, Bucket Zinc, Bag Boston Leather, Balance Spring, Box Light, Black Board Rolling, Box Steel Assorted, Badges Brass Shoulder, Black Board With Stand, Bages Brass For Cloth Belt, Cushion Chair, Chonga Small, Chonga Large, Clock Wall, Crow Bar, Cooler Desert, Chisel, Celing Fan, Degchi Aluminium, Colour Slide Set For Photography, Doot Matt, Electric Heater, Exhaust Fan, Electric Tea Maker, Fire Extingusher Soda Acid, Fire Extingusher, Fire Bucket, Fire Bucket Stand, Fan Pedestal, Fan Wall, Generator Assorted, Gong Bell, Gas Petromex Mini, Heat Convector, Blower, Hit Piller, Hammer Iron Assorted, Hair Dryer, Hot Case, Hand Pump, Hacksaw Frame, Fire Bucket Stand, Ice Axe, Intercom Phone, Jurricane, Jute Matting, Lantern Hurricane, Lancet For Snake Bite, Metric Weight, Pressure Stoves, Piler Cutting, Pointer Rod Wooden, Pipe Wrench, Petromax Oil, Prestograph Board, Pressure Cooker, Photo Copier, Rain Cot, Scissor Small Assorted, Scissor For Medical Box, Screw Driver Assorted, Saw Hand, Torch Assorted, Type Writer, Type Writer Bilingual, Trolley Steel Hand, Thermos Flask, Vacuum Cleaner, Voltage Stabilizer, Vending Machinem Vertical Stand, Water Filter, Weight Lead Glass, Wash Basin Enamled, Water Stand, Water Tanki, Zinc Plate, Mosquito Net, Umbrella Country, Tullu Pump, Tray For Angithies, Light Emergency, Cycle Stand, Scale Brass Weighing, Tarpoline Assorted, Durries A Tent, I Tent, Durries Assorted, Tent B, Tent E, Tent D, Tent F, Binoculars, Bar Substance, Calculators, Compass Proportional, Divider Small, Divider Large, Clinometer, Hold All Canvas, Glass Magnifying, Electric Dotter, Electric Calculator, Global Posititoning System, Helio Troopes, Gps Hand Held, Hand Dotter, Cabinet Pigeon, Tarpoline, Steel Almirah, Steel Cabinet, Nylon Tent, Tent Arctic, Steel Almirah, Stool Oval, Rack Office, Rack File Wooden Big, Table, Table Office Steel, Table Executive, Table Wooden, Scroll Board, Chair Office, Chair Camp, Chair Nestling Type, Chair Steel Revolving, Chair Office Dunlop Seat, Key Box Wooden, Chair Godrej Revolving, Boot Aluminium, Mattress Kapok, Jersey Woolen, Woolen Panti, Under Paints, Under Shirts, Ups, Steel Box, Power Inverter, Iceknife, Shredder Machine, Tea Coffee Vending Machine, Lamination Machine, Water Cooler, Wall Clock, Trey Wooden For File, Jute Matting, Kettle Aluminium, Weight Lead, Lantern Hurricane, Mosquito Net, Mullet Iron, Petromax Lamp, Pick Axe, Rain Coat, Transistor, Telephone Set, Telephone Set For Telecommunication, Water Filter, Umbrella Country, Trolley For Cooler, Badges Red Cloth, Belcha, Brief Case, Balance Counter, Balance Measuring, Badges Brass, Cash Chest, Cup Aluminium, Chair Cushion, Cash Chain Iron, Drum Water, Desert Cooler, Door Mats, Dinner Set Steel, Electric Heater, Electric Press, Electric Table Lamp, Electric Kettle Racold, Fire Bucket Stand, Fire Extinguisher Soda Acid, Fire Extingusher Water Co2, Gong Bell, Ground Sheet, Generator Honda, Grass Cutter, Gas Petromax, Hot Water Bottle, Have Sack Bag, Heater Air Flow, Hammer Iron, Bicycle, Ash Try, Balance Spring, Bag Cash Cloth, Bucket Fire, Axe Coutry, Ash Tray, Mobile Mapping System With Palm Top, Niddle Sharper Black Stone, Linen Tester Level Pt, Protector, Pen Drawing, Hp Design Plotter, Pro Circle, Screw Driver, Sight Rule Wooden, Scanner, Automatic Voltage Stabiler, Hard Disk, Vaccum Cleaner, Washer Pt Survey Patttern,

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