20 JUL2020
State Government
 suri-west bengal
Ref. No : 18571241 Tender Value : 4.73 Lacs Sector : Panchayat Division

Supplying And Installation Complete In All Respect 6Kw On Grid Solar Power Plants At Dharampur Gram Panchayet Office

17 AUG2020
 vellore-tamil nadu
Ref. No : 18578158 Tender Value : 6.28 Crore Sector : Municipal Corporation

Design, Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of 1.20 Mw Of Ground Mounted Solar Power Plant In The Abd Area Of Vellore City Municipal Corporation

21 JUL2020
State Government
Ref. No : 18567067 Tender Value : 2.50 Lacs Sector : Enviromental/Forest Division

Establishing Of Solar Power Fencing System From Sathram Section Office To Kottayamkadu Under Azhutha Range During 2020-21.

24 JUL2020
State Government
Ref. No : 18567364 Tender Value : 2.94 Crore Sector : Canal/Irrigation/Dam Work

Construction Of Pressurized Pipe System To Supply Water For Solar Micro Irrigation To Deliver At Farmers Field Up To 1 Ha With A Duty Of 0.84 Lit/Sec/Ha And Maintained Up To 4 Ha Chak, Keeping The Discharge Of Minimum 3 Times The Duty At One Hectare And At Least 20 Meter Residual Head At 1 Ha For Micro Pressurized Irrigation Drip/Sprinkler By Rotation In Distt. Bilaspur In 40 Ha. In Kharif And 40 Ha. In Rabi Right Side Of Amaldiha Anicut As Indicated In Index Map, Out Of Total Gross Command Area 50 Hectare Fully Covering The Entire Compact, Contiguous Possible Arable Area Beyond 500M From Submergence Line Ftl Line Of Amaldiha Anicut As Indicated In The Index Map For Micro Irrigation System Without Exceeding Total Power Requirement For Solar Pumps With Solar Panel Of 150 Kw. It Includes All Activities Starting From Survey, Investigation, Designing, Estimating Costing, Procurement, Construction, Laying, Installing, Energizing, Etc. Of Pumping System, Rising And Gravity Mains, Main Line, Branch Lines, Distribution Network, Controlling And Regulation System Etc. For Supply Of Filtered Water For Irrigation Under Pressure With Scada And Automation. The Work Also Includes Formation Of Fpo As Per Company Act/Rule, Management, Operation And Maintenance Mom And Defect Liability Dl For The Period Of 10 Years After Completion And Mom And Dl Period Run Simultaneously And Work Also Including Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony And Inauguration Ceremony And As Directed By Engineer-In-Charge As Per Details Given In Scope Of Work. Mou Between Agency And Fpo To Operate Scheme After 10 Years Of Mom And Dl Period And To Arrange Linkage Facility To The Fpo.

22 JUL2020
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 18570845 Tender Value : 83.0 Thousand Sector : Security Services

Soil Investigation For Provn Of 1 Mw Solar Power Plant At Point A B As Per Site Plan At Lichubari Army Cantt Area.

29 JUL2020
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 18570883 Tender Value : 13.50 Lacs Sector : Security Services

Special Repair To Solar Power Light

24 AUG2020
Central Government/Public Sector
Ref. No : 18557155 Tender Value : NA Sector : Business Consultancy

Transmission System Strengthening Scheme For Evacuation Of Power From Solar Energy Zones In Rajasthan 8.1 Gw Under Phase-Ii Part- G

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