11 FEB2021
State Government
 north 24 paragana-west bengal
Ref. No : 19926713 Tender Value : NA Sector : Power Plant

Ceprocurement /Wbsetcl/Line/Pkg - Au/2020- 21/16 Dt 15.01.2021. Transmission Line Package -Au

3 FEB2021
Central Government/Public Sector
 new delhi-delhi
Ref. No : 19891812 Tender Value : NA Sector : Security Services

Supply Of Stores Allen Key 1/8 De Spnr 10X11 De Spnr 12X13 Joint For Rocker Cover Allekn Key 8Mm Element Fuel Oil Filter Element Hyd Element Fuel De Spnr 19X22 Screw Driver 6X150 Mm De Spnr 20X22 Spanner De 18 X 19 Mm De Spnr 24X26 Socket 17 Mm X 1/2 Sq Drive Allen Key 14Mm Ignition Switch Adjustable Spanner 10 Mm To 25 Mm Combination Plier Insulated 6 Long Spanner De 7/8 X 3/4 Ww Sliding Tee Assembly 3/4 Sq Drive Hose Bottom, Radiator Hose 1/4 X 1/4 Bsp X 520 Long Str-Str Hose 3/8 X 3/8 Bsp X 775 Long Str-Str Bearing Bush Ce Field Coil Assy Hose 3/8 Bsp X 1000 Long Str Carrier Assy Gasket Cyl Head Thickness 1.25 Mud Filter Assy Hose Suction Pump Solenoid Switch Side Cutter Rh Side Cutter Lh Water Pump Assy Fuel Injector Assy Master Cyl Wind Screen Lub Oil Cooler Ring Bearing For Bowl Pump Grease Butcket Fuel Pump Assembly Combination Bucket 0.18 Cum Bucket 0.24 Cum Drive Assy Safety Strut Key De Spnr 5/8 X 9/16 A/F Hose V Belt B-47 Adaptor Fuel Line Hose Bend Hose Mud Filter Element Water Temp Guage Pump Drive Shaft Fuel Pipe Banjo Bolt Convertor - W300 2.52-4Dx Pivot Pin Alloy Steel Pivot Pin 44.45 Od, 213Mm Long, Alloy Steel Gasket Handle Lh Int. Door Lock -R/H Side Window Locking Handle L/H Side Window Locking Handle R/H Knob Pedal Pad W A Gaiter Gaiter Gaiter Stop Mounting Rubber Grommet, Cable/Harness Cap Filter Spacer Buffer Knob Base W/3Rd Insert Decal, Transmission Oil Filler Inner Cable Cold Start Kit Moter Hydraulic Tyre Inflator Hose Unloader Valve With Tyre Inflator Socket 3/4 Tool Bag Spanner De 5/8 X 9/16 A/F Spanner De Spanner De De Spanner Spanner De Screw Dvr 10 Long Extn Bar Sliding Tee Assy Adoptor For Air Filling Socket 24 Mm Spanner De Socket 1/2 Hammer Socket Screw Nut Nut Nylock, M12 Thin Cap Screw M5 X 30Mm Long Cap Screw Bonnet Washer Bonded Washer 1/2 Bsp Seal Dowty Grease Nipple 1/8 Bsp X 90 Deg Pump Assy Transmission Bellow Dowel Worm Drive Clip O Ring Hose O  Ring 82.52/81.76 Id X 3.63/3.43 Od Grommet Grommet Grommet Grommet Piston Head Seal Vavle Solenoid Assy Coil 12V O  Ring Back Up Ring O  Ring Element Air Safety Radiator Hose Bend Pressure Cap Rubber Hose Filter Oil Element Fuel Gaiter Wind Screen Front Rear Window Glass Hose Bend Uj-Kit Bush Filter Element Grease Bucket Pump Toe Platee 0.24 Leak Off Hose Hose Top Hose Air Induction Brake & Indicator Light Lh Brake & Indicator Light Rh Protector Cable Parking Breake Hose Lh Sensor Water Temperature Door Stay Cylinder Master Hose Lead Bty Positive Bty Cover Grommet Bush Hinge Negative Battery Lead Bucket 0.9 Cum Front Wind Screen Glass Glass Frt Qtr Light Left Clear Glass L/H Top Dor Glass Glass Six Lights Glass Lower Door Rh Cleaner Bolt Mounting Rubber Tooth Thrust Side Cutter -L/H Toe Plate 0.09 Pipe Cluster W A Lock Handle With Key Grommet Small Oil Filter Seal Kit Air Filter Seal Packing Ring Filter Trans Oil Hose 1/4 X 1/4 Bsp X 2050Mm Long 90 Deg.-90 Deg Hose, 3/8 X 3/8 Bsp X 2075 Long, Str-Str Hose 3/8 Bsp X 3/8 Bsp X 2200Mm Long Str/Str Hose Hose 3/8 Bsp 530 Hm Long Hose Hose 1/2 Bsp X 1/2 Bsp X 660Mm Long Str/Str Hose 1/2 Bsp X 1/2 Bsp X 880Mm Long Str/Str Hose 1/2 Bsp X 1/2 Bsp X 1430Mm Long Str /Str Hose Hose Radiator Cap Braided Hose 8Mm Id X 600Mm Long Bulb 12V 55 W H3 Rear Hose Micro Switch Switch Oil Pressure Wiper Blade Wiper Arm Bulb 5W Start Switch Parking Break Switch Ammeter Switch Oil Pressure Engine Fuel Gauge Oil Pressure Switch Cluster, Warning Light Relay Hour Meter R P M Meter Starter Relay Dump Relay Relay F/R F/R Dump Relay Harness Harness Shuttle Combination Switch Wiper Arm Wipper Blade Techo Cable Head Lamp Working Light Switch - Front Bulb Main 45W-40W Horn Grommet Wiper Motor Tank Unit Bulb, 12V X 2W Bulb 12 Volt Side Light Light Cover Rear Light Light Cover Bush, 95.14 Od X 83.24 Id X 25 Pin Pivot Pivot Pin Pin Pivot Gasket Gasket Gasket Gasket Seal Brake Seal Brake Seal Gasket Suction Strainer Spring Bleed Screw Rubber Washer Safety Pin Tie, Cable O Ring O Ring Seal King Post Blind Grommet O  Ring 120.32 Id X 2.62 Cross Sec. Dia Grommet Ferrule Grease Bleed Nipple Cap Impulse Extractor Trunnion Seal Dual Lip Seal Seal Ring Torque Seal Filter Cap Dual Lip Seal Inner Cable Cable Assly Throttle Lever & Control Assy. Lh Rear Qtr Pane Glazing Strap Washer Seal Spacer Block Seal Spanner For Shaft Hose Hose Control Box Bearing Strut Safety Front Rim Dual Lip Seal Brake Piston Rocker Cover Joint Mettalic Joint Fuel Injector Mico Lub Oil Cooleraluminium Construction Fuel Pipe Fuel Filter Fuel Pipe Feed Pump Feed Pump Side Opening Water Pump Assly.Complete 345 Crs. V Belt Xpa 1280 Bucket Tooth Side Cutter Lh Side Cutter Rh Side Cutter Seal Kit For Dipper Ram Fan Belt Oil Seal Hsg.F.W.E. O Ring For Cyl.Liner Mico Starter 12Vdc 2.7Kw Suitable For - 20 Deg. Oil Filter Element Engine Fuel Filter Header For L.O.Cooler & Filter. Joint For Lub Oil Cooler Non Asbestos Gasket Hose Assy Switch Solonoid Primary Element Nut Lock Speedometer Drive Unit Flexible Pipe Oil Fuel Filter Assy/Oil Filter Terminal -Ve Joint Pipe Fuel Washer For Relief Valve O Ring For Cyl.Liner Pin Fuel Pipe Air Cleaner Element Main Outerpc Lub Oil Filtter Assy Oil Seal Hsg.F.W.E. Valve Seal Oil Filter Bolt Banjo Joint For Lub Oil Sump Thermostat Element Converter Fuel Filter Bearing Bush Inner Bkt Sealing Bush Bearing Bush Inner Bkt Sealing Ring Ce Valve Over Head

10 FEB2021
Central Government/Public Sector
 prayagraj-uttar pradesh
Ref. No : 19895710 Tender Value : 5.51 Crore Sector : Railway Transport

Modification In 132 Kv, 3 Phase Double Circuit Transmission Line Due To Construction Of Rob In Lieu Of Bundelkhand Expressway Between Phaphund-Etawah Section

1 FEB2021
Private Sector
Ref. No : 19896540 Tender Value : NA Sector : Power Plant

Mega Risk Insurance Policy For All Units And Transmission Line From Plant To Mundka For One Year

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